Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No Fish but the Fam is a Catch

Sunday was warm and sunny. I think the temps got up to 60. In Ohio. In February. And I am not complaining. The last month has been gray skies every single day.

Alyssa told me about the weather and basically planned our first fishing trip of the year. I don't think she was going to take no for an answer. Which to be honest...I was NOT going to do anyway.

We packed the van with a weeks worth of stuff for our day trip and then we were off! Does that ever change? I mean, come on. I have 4 teenagers. I thought that that kind of packing only happened when kids were little. Cooler with food and drinks, cooler for fish (that we never seem to catch..lol), chairs, fishing poles, tackle boxes, camera bag, blanket...you get the picture.We did have our little monster too. So lets not forget extra clothes, diapers, sippy cup.

If you can imagine us all walking to our fishing spot you would laugh. For some reason it  never ends up being a spot right off the road. We walked down a hill, through a field and then across a muddy mess. Brian pushing Taylor, Hunter on Alyssa's shoulders and the rest of us carrying a weeks worth of stuff. It is a site but I wouldn't have it any other way. These are the days I look forward to. These are the memories I love making. These are the days I will miss someday. But not right now. Right now, I will enjoy every chaotic, beautiful second.

The day was perfect. Other than not a single bite. We talked. We laughed. We chased our monster. Played in the creek. Soaked up the sun.

Carters brought along some homemade lures.

Hunter thought the minnows were the neatest thing ever.

I think this weather is supposed to stay around for a few days. I am going to enjoy it. I'm not sure I am going to be ok with going back to cold and gray. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

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