Saturday, February 13, 2016

Random 5 on Friday ~ 2.12.16

Another week has come and gone. Was it a good week for you? Honestly, mine was kind of blah. Not boring but busy with some sickness thrown in here and there. Taylor had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. After a few years of being medicine free, she is being put back on a few things. We are hoping that the meds will help with her muscle tone. Which should help her sleep better (me too!) and overall help her movements. Blah...blah...blah...

Anyway...........Randomness.....Let's go!

1. Its crazy cold here today! I never wear a coat and I had to run errands today. I almost bought myself a pair of gloves but I knew I wouldn't actually wear them very long. So I just froze my butt off. Is it Spring yet?

2. I bought seeds today!!! I can't wait to get them in the soil. My hands need to get dirty!!

3. Have you heard of bullet journaling? I bought myself a journal and I am so excited to jump into it. If you haven't heard of it! :)

4. Homemade pizza night is my favorite night of the week!

5. I own 12 pairs of boots.

5 Random Pictures...just for fun. 



Alyssa Nicole said...

Good week! Nothing better than seeds, notebooking, and pizza! :)

Garima said...



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