Friday, January 15, 2016

Random 5 on Friday ~ January 15th

Hi-Ya! How are you today? It is early and cold here. Hunter (my adorable-doesn't-need-any-sleep nephew) stays with us every other Thursday. He has been up since 3:15. I am waiting for him to go back to sleep so I figured it was a great time to sneak in my Random 5 post for this week.

1. If you haven't guessed....I love having babies around. Little ones. Lots of them. Fingers crossed (or should I just be real and say if my prayers are answered) maybe God will bless us with a few more of our own! Until then...well, even if it does happen....I love being an auntie! Pretty soon my other nephew will be back in Ohio and I will have even more babies to love on! I have a lot of love to give. I may or may not pat them on the head and call them George.

2. Mice. I am not okay with mice. I don't care how far out in the country I am....mice are a no no! We have 4 barn cats for the this very reason. At the moment I believe there are 8 traps set in my tiny house because a mouse had been seen. If we don't get it soon, I'm moving.

3. I hate coffee. Isn't that a sin or something? I wish I liked it. It seems so...mature. Everyone raves about their coffee addiction and I'm over here like "Give me hot chocolate, please"! Chocolate milk? "Sure. Fill me up". That just doesn't feel very adultish now does it?

4. If I could get my kids healthy long enough we are way over due for family pictures.

5. I think I am going to need some rabbit recipes!!

I'd love to read about your randomness! Link up below. :)

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