Friday, January 22, 2016

Random 5 on Friday ~ 1.22.16

Good morning! It is late morning here. Almost 9 and the whole house is still sleeping. This doesn't happen often but I think everyone still needs the extra rest from the sickness that has had us miserable for the last few weeks. I woke up to Brian still in bed. He doesn't miss work often so that must mean he is feeling pretty miserable. He feel asleep around 6 last night after eating a few bowls of chicken noodle soup. Is it spring yet? I am ready. It feels like we have been sick all winter long.

Anyways, on to other things......Are you ready for some "Randomness"? Here we go....

1. We found the absolute perfect puppy for Taylor. You know, the lap dog we have been talking about. The price was perfect. The temperament of the dog was perfect. It was only a little over an hour away. It was so darn cute. It was perfect. feel through. Taylor was heart broken but it was a good lesson for her. At least that is what I keep telling myself. The Mommy in me wanted to make it work for her. Make it happen. I guess it was a lesson for me too. So we keep looking.

2. I am in the love with the Sonic energy drinks. Have you tried them? They aren't your typical energy drinks. They do not give you highs and lows. They are not filled with caffeine.  They are refreshing! I try not to drink them a lot but they are great before a workout or if I am feeling extra sluggish that day.

3. School. I feel like I have been distracted. I spent hours yesterday pouring over our "routine" and schoolwork. Something just isn't flowing. It could just be that I feel like we aren't getting anywhere because for weeks we have been watching educational movies and eating soup but who knows. I think I have it all figured out. Time will tell.

4. They now sell socks that don't match. Whole packs that are all different colors and prints! Where were these when I had 4 little ones? Who ever came up with that is an absolute genius in my book.

5. Brian said he was craving vegetable soup the other day. He then ventured into the kitchen to make a pot! I have to say I was pretty impressed. He only asked a little bit of input from me. If I liked vegetables I would probably say it was amazing. ;)

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