Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Mid Week Musings

I missed Random Friday last week. It is been a little insane around here. Right now, I have a house full of sick people. Brian took a vacation day yesterday for us to get some things done but it ended up being a recoup day. Along with today. I love him being home but it sure would be nice to have everyone up and running. Isn't it funny? Some days I wish they would SLOW down. Calm down. Relax. But then they get sick and well...I can't wait for everyone to feel better.

Morgan is at the very tail end of this bug. We got slammed with snow yesterday and the poor thing had to play in the snow all by herself. At least she had Bobo. He loves the snow too. If there is snow on the ground when we let him out he will roll and cover himself with as much snow as possible. Then he shakes but most of it comes into the house with him. It is fun.

Speaking of dogs....we are looking to get 2 puppies. Yes, you read that correctly. TWO!!! I mentioned the other day about getting Taylor a lap dog this time around. Well I also want a German Shepherd. For a pet and protection. We discussed getting them at the same time. That way we deal with the puppy stage at the same time! It might not happen though. Do we REALLY want 2 more dogs? Do we really want to deal with the puppy stage again at all?

Brian and I have been talking a lot about our goals. This time last year I really thought we would be in our own home. I feel discouraged about it. Some personal things happened that got us behind and the dream of buying slipped a few (or seems) steps back. Why does it feel like one step forward and two steps back all.the.time? Life, I guess. I keep reminding myself that God makes things happen in His timing but even that is discouraging because although He does do that, we need to be doing our part. I think I had a time period of discouragement that made me give up on my part. I'm working on it.

But anyway, we sat down and re-evaluated our goals. After dinner tonight we are going to write them down and start checking them off as we go! Now to get everyone healthy! Its chicken noodle soup and chicken and dumplings for dinner tonight. What is cooking at your house?

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