Saturday, June 6, 2015

Random 5 on Friday ~ June 5th

Hello June! Are you enjoying it? Our weather has been crazy. 60s one day and 80s the next. But that is Ohio for you! :)

1. Its been a crazy week. Crazy, crazy. I am glad it is over and I am hoping next week is much better.

2. I am almost done getting my garden in. It has been a slow process but I love every minute of it. Brian actually tilled up even more for me to plant in. That was a nice surprise.

3. We had a nice visit this week with my little brother and my niece and nephew. Love them! They enjoyed all the farm animals we have accumulated this spring.

4. I have started taking shots of ACV (apple cider vinegar) and I am loving it! The first time I thought my throat was on fire but....I am loving the results.

5. Have I mentioned that Alyssa has her permit. Oh goodness. She is doing pretty well. I like to have her drive me...everywhere. ;)

Here's some pictures from the week.

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