Thursday, April 23, 2015

Random.....CATCH UP!

So I have been a bit MIA lately on my Random 5 posts. Springtime is hard and so lovely all at the same time. Here is a rundown on what has been going on around here.

~ We have a lot of chickens. We had 4 layers. Lost 1 to a raccoon...we think. Lost 1 to a prolapse vent. Bought a rooster because I want to hatch our own eggs. Bought 36 chickens...some for meat and a few to add to our layers. I made a trip to Rural King and came home with 6 more. For no reason at all really. Other then the fact that they were cute and Americana's and I want green and blue eggs. Lost 1 cross beak because she couldn't eat very well. Bought 3 layers from an auction. Whew....It is called chicken math. You will only understand if you have chickens. :)

~ We started raising meat rabbits. Yes, that is correct. Brian has wanted to do meat rabbits for awhile but I was always against it. I changed my mind. The more self sufficient we become the more self sufficient I want to be. So I went to an auction and bought 3 rabbits. Had a mishap with 1. That left a male and female. We have mated them and are waiting on babies! We went to an auction yesterday and I bought 2 more. Another male and female. They are in quarantine right now. I'm anxious to get this party started.

~ Will I be able to eat rabbit? Who knows. I sure hope so. I grew up with a dad that hunted everything. Rabbits, squirrels, deer....So I am used to it. I have never been big on eating rabbit but I have heard that home raised rabbit tastes better than chicken. Which I love chicken so...that is awesome. I also know what they have eaten and how healthy they are. Plus they are extremely low in fat and calories. That is a major plus.

~ I made the cages for the rabbits by myself! I had help from the kids with some of the sawing, stapling (They fought over this job!) and holding the pieces for me so I could screw them together but I did it! I was very proud of myself. Now I have to make 2 more. I have a system down so it is pretty easy to do now.

~ I got 2 ducks. They are messy. No, messy does not even come close to describing them. They are poopers and destroyers of everything. But man are they cute! I still haven't named them because I won't know their sex until they are a bit older. They are Khaki Campbell's and they are scared of everything. I am hoping to get my hands on some Welsh Harlequins but I am letting my husband adjust to the mass about of new animals I have acquired over the last month first.

~ Oh did I mention we got a puppy! Yes...we sure did. Remington. Remi for short. He is a Husky, Aussie, German Shepherd mix. He is 9 weeks old now and the cutest thing EVAH! I love him to pieces. Which is good because he is bad. Like really bad. he is a puppy bad but I forgot what that was like. He is also as smart as a whip! He already follows some commands. Sit, down, fist bump, coming to his name and I am working on rolling over. I read some information on training so I have been making him work for his food and unfortunately having to disciple him with a squirt bottle but he is really doing great. Did I mention how stinkin cute he is!? And that he already weights almost 20lbs!?

~ My sweet Alyssa gets her permit in 25 days. Mercy! When did she grow up? She is already talking about jobs and college and I'm over here like "Let's build with blocks or wanna cuddle?"....time sure does fly. Luckily, she still loves to cuddle but I don't think she will build anything with blocks with me. Although she did help build the rabbit cage so that is close, right?

~ School? Well is it going. Our 1 week spring break turned into 3. Oops! We are back in full swing and will be lightly doing school through the summer this year. It happens. That is one of the joys of homeschooling! I love the flexibility. And truth be told...over those 3 weeks the kids were learning a lot! Real life learning and that is the best kind.

~ We still haven't found a house! ARG!!!! So frustrating. I look every day. Every. Single. Day. Nothing. Nothing. And more nothing. Brian is trying to talk me into moving far away. It is starting to look like a good idea. You can buy a house with land for 1/3 of the price compared to around here.

~ I started all my seeds except for my pepper seeds. I guess I am just going to have to put them straight in the ground. I guess I could start them inside and put them in the ground late. Decisions. Decisions.

Well since tomorrow another round of Random 5 should be posted I think I will stop there! 
Tomorrow I will post pictures too!

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