Saturday, March 7, 2015

Random 5 on Friday ~ March 6th

The Pebble Pond

1. We have rats. Four of them to be exact. Pet rats. I seriously can not even believe it. I am still working on getting over the ick factor.

2. I started drinking Spark from Advocare and I have seen a HUGE difference in my alertness and mental clearness. It seems crazy but I feel like me again. I have gotten back into the routine of getting up early and going to bed at a decent time. I do not feel sluggish AT ALL. It is wonderful!

3. I lost 3 pounds this week. Can I get a high five?!

4. Oh the rats....goodness. Here is the story. Taylor wanted a guinea pig for her birthday. She researched it and then researched it some more. Brian and I went to the pet store and they were icky. Like really icky. They were scared and timid. After discussing our options with the "small critter attendant" we thought maybe a rat would be a better option. They learn tricks. They clean themselves. Yada, yada, yada....The only problem was that with a cage and all the accessories we were looking at 200 bucks! There was no way. A few days later someone got me in touch with a girl that was giving away a few pet rats for free. Hmmm...then she offered me the cage for $20 bucks. That was more up my alley. After the other kids saw them they wanted one too. So $20 bucks later we have FOUR rats residing in our house...on purpose.

5. It is supposed to be 50 degrees next week. I might just run around in a bikini. Just kidding. I don't even own a bikini. Nor would I want to scare my kids. I will however enjoy every second of the warm weather.

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