Friday, January 9, 2015

A New Year. A New Me.

I have been wanting to post about my resolutions for 2015. Technically, I didn't start out having any but a few years back I blogged about my new resolutions and I loved being able to look back to see how far I had come. So I decided to go ahead and blog about my resolutions for this year. I mean really, we all have things we are working on all the time, right? I am at least. So I might as well document them.

I want a lot of things to change this year. So many things I would like to work on but I am going to be realistic. I want this to be encouraging not a burden.

With that said...this is a year of CHANGE for me. I can feel it.

~ Personal Goals ~ 

*Journal about my days. Spend 10-15 minutes a night recapping my day. Write down those things I don't want to forget that the kids say or do. 

*Epsom salt bath & dry brush at least 3 times a week

*Work out 3 times a week. Don't go overboard. Just steady. 

*Lose 10 lbs.

*Personal Bible time. This is big for me. I have not done it in years and I NEED to.

*Stay up when Brian goes to work. I have tried this so many times and I do good but it never lasts. Its much easier to do in the summer. 

*Blog more. Get back to blogging about our life, recording memories and being an encouragement. The reason I started this blog to begin with.

~ Financial Goals ~ 
*Buy Huppstead! Last year, we had a few set backs and so the buying of Huppstead had to wait until this year. This has got to be my very favorite goal! :)
*$1000 in savings

*Pay off credit card debt

*Buy a new camera

*Pay off Brian's work car

*Keep track of all spending. Keep receipts. Record it all. 

And there ya have it!

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Michele said...

Those are great goals- many of which I can relate to! Praying you have a blessed 2015., Miranda!


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