Friday, September 12, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ September 12th

The Pebble Pond

1. When I was pregnant with Carter and Morgan I used green apple dish soap. To this day, I still can not use it! The smell gets me every time. I actually love a green apple smell but NOT in the form of dish soap. Gag!

2. I love Fall. I didn't think I was ready and part of me is not but I also love it at the same time. It feels so good outside. I sleep like a baby. I am so comfortable in a sweatshirt and jeans.

3. Are you a football fan? I never used to be. I still see it as a waste of time but I get hooked every season.

4. We finally start school on Monday. (I think!)

5. Alyssa started a blog. She named it A Little Spot to Write. How cute is that? She would love a few followers. Hint, Hint. :)

Want to join us?
Here are the rules. They are simple.
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~ Please make sure to put the direct link to your blog post not just your blog. I like to read and comment on all of you but I can not always do it right away and I do not have time to look for it. Thanks!


Tess said...

A Little Spot to Write is a great blog title. I am so not a football fan. I do love the sunshine with the less heat of September but I am not really ready for fall.

Dulci said...

Hi there! Married a football player, Mom to a football player, so I kind of have to be a football fan! I know what you're talking about with the smell thing, though-- I still have these certain after-effects from pregnancy. :)
Am trying to link up with you, but it says my link title is too long? Maybe you can help.
Have a great weekend!

Jacquelin Caffey said...

Love Football here, especially when the playoffs start. My team is the Denver Broncos, who do you root for? Fall is my favorite time of the year followed closely by winter. Can't wait for the leaves to start changing and apple picking. Have a great first week of school!


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