Friday, July 25, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ July 25th

The Pebble Pond

1. I went this week to get my bridesmaids dress. Shoot me now. Just kidding. It's not THAT bad. Did I mention that the other bridesmaids are 21? I did. I know. On to better news, my workouts are going awesome! I have lost 3 pound this week! I finally am off that plateau I was on. Thank goodness because I was starting to get discouraged.

2. I know I will be asked...Here is what I have been doing.
~ I have been eating healthy. Not always. I did have a Klondike bar the other night.
~ Taking Creatine. To help me build muscle faster. I want this flab on my arms GONE by December 6th.
~ Protein shakes. Once a day usually.
~ Weight training. I have a Total Gym and 10 pound weights. Gotta use what you have!
~ Running. Only a mile or two a day.

3. Our mower broke. Half way through the mowing. Blah.

4. I dyed my hair dark brown like I do every few months. My natural brown is a really ugly, dull brown. Anway, it was WAY TOO dark. So I put medium brown on it. Nothing. I have dyed my hair since I was in my teens and I have never had this problem. So I used some Sun In to try and lighten it up just a bit. I sprayed it on a brush and just ran the brush through my hair. Trying to make it look natural. Nothing crazy. Ha. Right now, my hair is approximately 4 different shades of brown.

It's can laugh.

5. I have a fun photography project coming up soon. It's a secret so I can't tell you yet but trust me when I say....I'm excited!!! :)

Want to join us?
Here are the rules. They are simple.
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~ Please make sure to put the direct link to your blog post not just your blog. I like to read and comment on all of you but I can not always do it right away and I do not have time to look for it. Thanks!


Clarissa said...

lol about the hair.. it probably looks in style though! ;) my natural hair is dull and boring brown... but my hubby would like me to go lighter rather than darker, I think I look better with dark brown though. Anyway, I've been natural for a few years now... but do get tempted to just dye it again. My hair is so dry and course and weird, so I don't dare dye it anymore.
I get good results with losing weight and feeling healthy if/when I follow the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle. Just FYI. :)
Thanks for hosting another week of Random 5!

Kris B. said...

I love your photographs I wish my garden had peppers that big but I can say they are looking not so good! Great Idea I am new to the random 5 but love the idea:)

Brittney Mom's Heart said...

I won't laugh! My hair is naturally very dark brown but is also very dull now when you can see the roots. I went really dark this time, it looks black, but then again it it looks more natural than when I try to lighten it up.

Meg Falciani said...

I won't laugh. Let's just say that I used to be red, and am red again...every 6 weeks. :)


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