Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Party!

We had a fun weekend.

Brian ended up getting 4 days off for the 4th. It was so awesome. I had to take the opportunity to throw a fun party.

We made candy dots the night before but that was about all the prep work we did. Everything else was made the next day. I'm such a procrastinator.

Before the actual party I had to snap some family pictures.

(My favorite! I wish a Brian and I were on were switched with Morgan and Alyssa but I'm not complaining!)

Of course, there was lots of food!

The menu ~
BBQ Ribs
Cubed potatoes
Macaroni Salad
Strawberry Cream Pie
Chips & Dip
Homemade Lemonade
Pretzel bite things I found on Pinterest

We are dessert first. I'm cool like that. ;)

We even made decorations! They were a lot of fun to make and easy too.

We played 2 games.

Balloon Pinatas! I put some candy in 4 balloons. We tried rocks but that didn't work so well. Although Alyssa did get hers with the rock. Then we switched to a homemade dart. It was made with a straw and pins.

Then we had a scavenger hunt. I found clues online. The last clue led to sparklers, smoke bombs and other money wasters.

The neighbors even let off fireworks for us to enjoy right from the front yard! I didn't get any good pictures of that.

Around 11, I feel into bed very happy but completely exhausted!

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Clarissa said...

sounds/looks like a lovely time!


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