Friday, May 2, 2014

A is for Appreciate

Being out of commission for over a week helped me to realize a few things. Actually I already knew them so I guess it REMINDED me of a few things.

First of all, life can get messy. And you know what? Its okay.

I had to sit with my leg propped up. Watching as life went on around me. Watching as the sink filled with dishes. The floor slowly being covered with....everything really. At one point I remember looking around and seeing a banana peel, Lego's, a dirty plate, Hobbit movie case, dirty clothes, clean clothes, a hairbrush, a bottle of ketchup, an empty bag of potato chips, shoes and books.

I wanted to get up and clean it. I wanted to tell the kids to clean it. But I didn't. Life gets messy. It did eventually get cleaned up just not on my time scale and it really was okay.

Instead Brian rubbed my back. Instead the kids sat at the edge of the couch and talked to me. Instead I read while my whole family was gathered around me.

I was also reminded why I train my kids. The night I was told to go to the hospital to be admitted, I explained what was going on to them. After a few questions they immediately started helping to gather anything I would need. Even beyond that...anything that Taylor would need while we were gone. All I had to do was to take a quick look to ease my mind.

We waited for Brian to arrive home from work and we were off. The whole family. To the hospital. We all sat in a very tiny room. Yes, all 6 of us. They stayed with me until midnight. Went home (except Morgan. We had a sleep over!), slept, came back at 10 the next morning and sat with me until I got discharged at 6:30. They never complained. They just wanted to be with me. They were never in the way. They didn't whine. We even were complimented on how wonderful they were being. The nurses may have spoiled them a bit.

Last...I realized that I do not take the time to appreciate my husband like I should. He literally ran the house while I was down. He did everything I asked of him. He did things I didn't ask of him. He went on 2 hours of sleep some nights. He took over it was nothing.

His looks are only a bonus! ;)

The thing is, we have had our ups and downs. Sometimes the downs seem to overtake the ups. I love him dearly but sometimes I forget how much. Life gets so busy for me that I don't take the time to actually see the ups.

Being stuck on the couch for days, made me actually see what was going on around me. Instead of playing a game of "He loves me, He loves me not"...I was forced to be upfront and personal with all the "He loves me's" that he was (all along) throwing my way.

So I guess you could say not everything that came out of that miserable time was bad. I really was bombarded with the realization that I take things for granted. So my intention now is to continue to appreciate the things around me. Even though I am not stuck on the couch. Hallelujah!


Erica B said...

Such true words! :-) Hope you are on the mend by now....

Michele said...

Prays for continued healing! And yay for a great husband!


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