Friday, April 11, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ April 11th

The Pebble Pond

1. We got all our papers to the mortgage company. We are waiting. And waiting. We should hear something today or Monday with our pre-approval. Most people do not have to weigh so heavily on this answer but our credit was very bad. We are FINALLY seeing the fruits of our labor and I'm so excited! Please pray we get a good answer and we are approved for a decent amount.

2. If you read my post last Saturday, you know I have to be EXTREMELY diligent about saving money. It is not proving to be an easy task. Today is payday so it is the real kicker. Skimp. Skimp. Skimp.

I decided to start selling candles again for a short time. I am hoping that will bring in a little extra. Every bit counts. If you are interested in candles, let me know! :)

3. Breakfast today? Donuts. Don't judge.

4. We will be running errands in the rain today. I wish it was nice and sunny but at least it is not cold. What is your weather like?

5. I had a dream last night that I was pregnant with twins. I even got to go to Germany to deliver them with my little sister. Weird but I would LOVE to be pregnant. Especially with twins. Even weirder was after the delivery there was 3 babies instead of 2 but I didn't complain. I wouldn't either. Although my husband might! ;)

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Les Eve said...

Thanks for posting about this on TOS. I need more weekly things and this was fun and easy. I can do random! :) And for the record, donuts sound WONDERFUL for breakfast. No judging here!!

Lynn P said...

Our weather has been beautiful for the past week with it in the 60's. Tomorrow though, it's been said the 's' word is on the way with 30 degree weather.. ick. I'm so ready for Spring.. Donuts sounds good too.. :)

Nikki Hinkle said...

I never did mind being pregnant but I don't think it is possible for us anymore. I guess I have to be happy with our 7. lol :)


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