Saturday, April 5, 2014

Finances on Friday (Although technically it is Saturday!)

For awhile now I have been trying to save money. The idea is kind of fleeting. I have still spent money on things I should have passed on. A little splurge here and a little splurge there. It is so easy to do.


We thought we would start looking for a home (EEK! Our own house! Mine!) toward the end of summer. We talked to our mortgage lender and the date has been moved UP. Meaning sooner. As soon as....A MONTH! As soon as we find something. SOON! Meaning I am completely, unbelievably giddy!

Well to make that happen I have to spend no money. Nothing extra. Skimp on everything. We have to save at the very minimum $1500 in the next month or so. That can be difficult in a one income home. At least in this one income home. Sure we are good and do not want for anything. We can even save a bit from each paycheck and that ads up but saving a big sum of money in a short period of time is completely different.

So I decided to blog about it. Because you know, that is what us bloggers do. ;)

Plus Rebecca posts a fabulous post every Friday on her blog about her week and how she saved money. So decided to join in with her. Have I ever mentioned how I want to be like her when I grow up? Yes? Ok. Well I am repeating it.

If you have any tips, advice, encouragement....spill it! I am going to need all the help I can get!

My goal is $1500 in 6 weeks but I would feel more comfortable with $2000. Be looking for my Friday posts and my transparency as I let you know how I am doing. 


Theresa F said...

Hi! Just came over from Rebecca's blog. Your blog is lovely. Will enjoy reading back through.
I am sure if you just keep yours eyes focused on owning your own home(or renting from the bank as I see it) you will be able to save $1500. Have fun!

Courtney said...

We are looking for a house of our own again, too, but not as quickly as a month. Well, we could move in a month, but not likely. I bet you'll have that money saved up in no time! Hmmm. Quick short term advice? Meal planning with no eating out. Give yourself the most minimal allowance you can for the month for expenses you know you will have and evaluate every purchase as "can this wait til later?"

Rebecca said...

ONE MONTH! Your world is gonna be changing in ONE MONTH! How exciting! That will surely be the impetus you need to do the HARD thing of saving that much money in a month.

My biggest, bestest suggestion for you?

Make a Jar. (Sure, $1500 is a lot, but really- who is gonna know where it is or that you have it for ONE MONTH? Hide it.) Having a jar will be a secret but VISUAL reminder of your hard work that is adding up.

~ Scout out all your loose change, add it up, take it to the bank, get the bills and put it in the jar. It has BEGUN.

~Every time you want to eat out. Don't. But put that $15 (or $20, or $30) that you would have spent in the jar. Even just the $4 Shamrock Shake you decide against. (This TOTALLY works.) You can do it with non food things too. Like the shirt that you put back. Put the money in the jar. A forgotten about $5 dollar bill wadded up in a pair of jeans, a few quarters in your car... everything that you didn't spend (but wanted to) and anything that you find but didn't know you had...goes into the jar.

This works. And it works GREAT. It is so motivating to toss stuff in the jar.

Also- if you have anything in your house that you don't need or want to pack up and MOVE INTO YOUR NEW HOUSE! Put it on Ebay or Craigslist. Everything. That money goes in the jar too.

Make a zero balanced budget for this months' one income and see if you can dwindle it enough to save a certain amount and then take out that amount FIRST THING instead of waiting until the end of the month. That way-it is already "spent" and won't get a chance to be used for anything else.

I can't wait to see how you do!



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