Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ March 21st

The Pebble Pond

1.Taylor's surprise party was a HUGE success! I plan on posting a huge amount of pictures soon. :)

2. I do Beauty Captured on my blog, as you know. A picture of beauty, everyday. Well I saw this on Facebook and joined in too. I am doing it through Instagram. I started on the first day of Spring! A picture of "Happy" everyday for the next 100 days. I love me some Instagram. How about you?

I also decided I am going to *try* and not use my "Happy" pictures for Beauty Captured. So every Friday I will post my *Happy* pictures here on Random 5.

Which reminds me, I started a second Instagram account for my workout pictures. I don't want to annoy anyone with them but I love having encouragement from others and I have others asking me for encouragement can find me under @mirandasfitnessjourney...if you are interested.

3. Spring. Spring! It is finally here although you can NOT tell today. It was supposed to be in the upper 50's today but right now I see this.....

Blah! I just keep reminding myself....IT WILL COME!

4. I am already ready for another tattoo. I know, right!? Don't worry. I am giving it some time.

5. Todays To-Do list is a mile long! It always seems like Fridays are busy, busy, busy.
 Up today....
~ Clean. My house is a mess!
~ Laundry. Ugh. I don't even want to talk about it!
~ School. Chugging along.
~ Revise Spring Schedule. Wait! I don't do schedules. ROUTINE!
~ Workout. Love me some Combat!
~ Blog Post. Birthday pictures!
~ Make granola, granola bars, energy bites and yogurt. Must get healthy snack foods made!
~ Make soap. Long overdue

100 Happy Days on Instagram!
Day 1: 
Strawberry water! Helped me kick my Dr. Pepper habit and now I crave it! Love! 

Day 2:
Taylor's hair is getting so long! I love it!
Happy Friday! 
Life is always better if you can find something to smile about!


Dalynn McCoy said...

Please tell me about strawberry water! I need to kick the Dr. Pepper habit (*ahem* addiction...) too!

Lynn P said...

love the strawberry water. I've been drinking lemon water for over a year now and love it. I now can get my daily water intake without any issues because plain water is gross to me. I can taste on the chlorine and such in it.. ;)

Tess said...

I am sorry I linked twice by mistake! I love the idea of strawberry water. I think I will have to try that. Do you just put frozen (or fresh) strawberries in water and sip all day? I am so glad that your daughter's part was a success. I look forward to seeing the pictures!

Beth Morris said...

So glad to hear the party went well :) Ill be looking for those pictures. The instagram thing looks fun, but you have to have a smartphone or something to do that right? I have a dumb phone!


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