Friday, March 14, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ March 14th

The Pebble Pond

1. Tomorrow is the big day! Taylor's surprise party! I am so excited! She still knows nothing about it. I have a million and one things to do today to get ready. Photo booth props, cook for around 50 people, grocery store, pick up odds and ends, get clothes ready, attempt to make pom poms again....EEK!

2. Brian and I decided I should be able to have an in the ground garden! Yippee! I am so excited to buy our own home but that is not going to happen until July or August. Which at that point we may not even find anything. So the plan is to get it in the ground early. Harvest early. Buy a house!

3. I love fruit. Watermelon, grapes, peaches, strawberries...YUM!

4. The temps were in the 20s yesterday and supposed to be 60 today. Welcome to Ohio.

5. I have severely cut my pop drinking! I usually have a can with dinner and the rest of the day I am loving cucumber/strawberry water! It is was more refreshing than anything else. Love it!!

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Dalynn McCoy said...

Have a great time at your party! I'm sure they'll love it! We are also hoping to buy a house, but it might be next year before we can qualify. One way or the other, we are going to move - even into a nicer, bigger rental for a year. 7 people in less than 1000 sq feet is just too cramped! ;) Thanks for sharing - blessings!

Joanna Sormunen said...

Hope you have a wonderful party! I really like your blog and I'm glad to have found it through Christian Fellowship Friday.


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