Friday, March 7, 2014

Random 5 ~ March 7th

The Pebble Pond

I hope the month of March is going wonderful for you!

Are you ready for this weeks Random 5?

Here we go. 

1. Our week started with a doctors appointment and is going to end with one. Taylor on Monday. Me today. No fun. Taylor's reports came back great from the endoscopy! Now to wait for mine. I had to have a suspicious mole removed. Prayers would be appreciated. Kinda makes me nervous.

2. It is in the high 40's! LOVE!

3. I have watched way too many library movies and drank way too much pop this week. Must. Do. Better. (Watching a movie as I type)

4. I am knee deep in party planning. I seriously LOVE every single second. When I think about what Taylor's face is going to look like when we surprise her, I smile.

5. I have a few things to return today and I think I am going to buy me some tennis shoes! I desperately need a pair. Plus it is almost running season!! Some new kicks would make the season all the better. :)

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Beth Morris said...

Praying the mole is benign! I had this done 9 years ago and I remember how I felt. HUGS!

Dalynn McCoy said...

Sounds like yall have had a crazy week as well! I accidentally took Spring Break a week early. LOL Praying for you! Thanks for the linky - looking forward to catching up next week!

Lynn P said...

I'm also in party planning mode with my son's 15th birthday coming up on the 14th.. Time flies doesn't it.. :)


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