Friday, February 7, 2014

Random 5 ~ February 7th

The Pebble Pond

1. On Saturday, I went with my mom, stepmom and little sister to go shopping for a WEDDING DRESS!! We found it at the first store we went to. It is perfect. Kassy is going to be such a beautiful bride! I only cried once the whole shopping trip.

2. I have been thinking about selling candles again. I have had quite a few requests for them lately. I love making them. It just takes a lot of time. We shall see.

3. Its been kind of a slow week. All week I have felt like I was coming down with something. I just feel tired and blah. Not fun.

4. Brian took 2 days of vacation this week. Although I felt "blah" it was still so nice to have him here. We just kind of hung out, played video games and napped. Ok, I napped. ;)

5. We got our tax refund back today! Yee-Haw! Buying a house is getting closer and closer. I'm so excited!

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Wendy Ross said...

Yay! on getting your tax refund! :D We are having to paper-file (rather than electronic), so it'll be awhile for us... ;) Praying for success in the house hunting/purchasing! (BTW, I know of a nice 5-bedroom house on 3 1/2 acres for sale! ;) ).

purple squirrel said...

House-hunting... can be fun! I would love to get our house in shape to sell so we could house-hunt too! :) In the meantime, the neighborhood is moving and changing...

Sorry your week was blah~ but wow... taxes done already! Good job!

Dalynn McCoy said...

How fun! I hadn't thought about it, but I posted 5 random things on my Fellowship Friday linky this time as well. Maybe I'll start doing 5 on purpose and joining you! Can't wait to visit the others and see what's up. I'm all about relationship. :)

We have a goal to buy a house as well, if not this year then next year, but I'm hoping to move to a bigger house that we can buy LATER even if we can't buy THIS year. It's finding someone who would be willing to rent temporarily that is a little hard sometimes.

I need to get busy and do our taxes! EEK!

Tess said...

We need to do our taxes and soon so that we can do the FAFSA for our oldest. My week seemed fairly blah as well.

Sharon said...

My husband made candles in our first years of marriage. One of my daughters would love for him to teach her. Time is the biggest issue for him!

Such a fun endeavor!

Beth Morris said...

I cant wait to read all about your home when you find it! We are using our tax refund as a down payment on a 10 acre farm, but keeping this house. We cant fit in any other!


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