Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 ~ February 21st

The Pebble Pond

1. I did it!

I must admit I am pretty proud of myself. It hurt like the dickens but I only winced a few times. I have gotten some criticism but I really love it. I have had quite a few people ask me why I got it. Well it has meaning for me.

You see, Lilies grow wild. They are beautiful and not contained. But they can be. They grow just as beautiful in a garden. First, I have always had a bit of a wild side. A little bit of danger has always been a bit exhilaration to me. I love with all my heart and I am very passionate about everything I do. I don't fit into any personality box or any box actually. I am Second, grown in a garden they are contained but lovely. God roped me in, planted me in a garden. I am still free to be me but a bit more contained. Directed by God instead of myself. (Never said perfect but definitely a work in progress!) Third, I love flowers. I love to garden. I love nature. Last but definitely not least, on summer days the kids and I love to drive old country roads doing "photo runs", having picnics and picking wildflowers. Usually Wild Lilies. They grow crazy insane out here!

So yes, for the rest of my life I will see a Lily on my foot and the memories and reminder of who I am will be exhilarating!

2. My yard looks unfamiliar to me. It is NOT covered in snow and I am loving it! There is always sun today!

3. I bought another Math Curriculum yesterday. Can you say addiction?

4. I need a new project. Any ideas?

5. Brian gave me a wonderful Valentines Day. He bought me flowers, a picture, a huge heart filled with chocolate and then took Monday off for me to go get my hair done. He even did school with the kids. Love him to the moon and back!

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Modest Mama said...

I'd love to know what math curriculums you've used and why you switch. We are looking for one for our homeschool academy for next year.

Beth Morris said...

I think your tat is very tasteful, and the meaning behind it is sweet. Be sure to write that down for future generations to know about you. Those who do genealogy love finding tidbits like that!

I love that you go drive around and take pictures. That is something I have discovered I like to do also but dont take the time to do it. I need to! I am going to make a point of doing it more often. Then Ill join in your other meme :)

Dalynn McCoy said...

I didn't get to go visiting this past week, but promise to visit last week's AND this week's over the coming weekend and/or coming week. LOTS going on here lately as we are in a season (hopefully super short) of transition. :) Be blessed!

Wendy Ross said...

Very lovely lily. I still say you're braver than I am! ;)

Lynn P said...

love the tattoo.. I think it's awesome. I have a ladybug on my left shoulder blade and it's been years and have been thinking of going in to get it redone. The red color is fading.. :) I'm working on a crocheted blanket for my son for his birthday in March. Do you crochet? Maybe that could be a fun/relaxing project for you :)


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