Friday, January 17, 2014

Random 5 on Friday ~ January 17th

The Pebble Pond

1. Our van broke down last Friday. That was icky but if I can be real honest....I loved being stuck home ALL WEEK!

2. I got our school room also know as the dining room ALL organized! I love it. Everything has a place. Which means I can actually find what I am looking for! That makes me happy.

3. I worked out so hard over the weekend that I could not move for 2 days. Seriously. It was bad.

4. I made spaghetti the other night for dinner. We sat down at the table, prayed and I took a big ol bite. It hit me real quick that I used my candle mixing spoon in the spaghetti! I thought it smelled awfully good while I was cooking. ;)

5. I have been in love with the color orange lately! I have been looking at paint colors and decorating ideas. Now that I am having this love affair with the color orange, I need to find somewhere to use it! You think Brian would like coming home to an orange living room? Or better yet....bedroom? ;)

Do you have some randomness that you would like to share? I would love for you to join in!

Here are the rules. They are simple.
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April Brooks said...

I would suggest using that orange in small doses! ;) Have a great weekend!

Miranda Hupp said...

Ha! Totally just teasing but I would love to see Brian's face. ;)

Clara - A Slice of Homeschool Pie said...

Orange is my favorite color! My bedroom was orange for a few years. Some things to note, if you want an orange bedroom, make sure the furniture is not too dark (a soft oak or white works beautifully). Also, it will create a warm look, so if you prefer a bright, cheery color in your bedroom, orange will not work.

My favorite season is Autumn, so I loved the warm, fall look.

~Your TOS Crew Mate

Beth Morris said...

I chuckled when I read how you didn't mind staying home when your van broke down. I have felt the same way before! But then after a couple of weeks without a trip to the grocery store I was done staying in ;)

My baby's favorite color is orange!

Wendy Ross said...

Miranda, you can come get our orange kitchen counter tops any day!! ;)

Miranda Hupp said...

Agree! It felt so good to get out today and catch up on errands that needed done!

Miranda Hupp said...

Oh that would be pretty! My mom had an orange wall in her house. It was like a dark burnt orange color. It was beautiful!

Miranda Hupp said...

We should be buying our first house really SOON! I can't wait. I'm kind of on pins and needles over here. One thing I know for sure if my kitchen is going to be red! We have lived in rentals and have almost always had white walls. We have been allowed to paint where we are now but nothing crazy. I can't wait for a RED kitchen. I would love to come visit you though. :)

kewkew said...

I would love to be able to say our school room/dining room was all organized. Unfortunately, I am no where near being all organized. But, we are going to be working on that this weekend.
Our living room wall are a peachy orangy color, not even sure what it is, but hubby is desperate to paint over it and has been since we moved in 6 1/2 years ago.


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