Friday, January 24, 2014

Alyssa's Very First Guest Post!

Alyssa LOVES to write. I found this really neat link up for her to participate in. I can't wait for you all to get to know her a bit better. She has such a sweet heart and a gift of writing. Each week she is going to do a guest post for this link up.

Middle and High School Linkup for Students and Moms!

Hello! I am so excited to be doing this linkup. This week's prompt is What If You Could See Through Walls? That's a tough question. I could do some pretty cool things. I could be a spy or a secret agent. I could work to help fight drugs and other crimes. Maybe God would only make it to where I could see through walls when he had a job for me. I would help people.

I would be sitting in front of the TV, everything completely normal, then whoop! I can see through the wall and outside. I would be stunned. Then a booming voice would say, "Alyssa. Alyssa, don't be afraid. I have big plans for you. Use your gifts. Use them in a way to serve me." I would freeze. God was speaking to me. I would look around and be able to see into every room. And into every closet and cupboard. Then God would say, "Follow my plan and you will do great things. Just follow me and do what's right." Then whoop again and I can't see into other rooms anymore and the voice is gone. But on my lap is a cell phone. It is really small and it has an ear piece. I would put it in my ear and it would start ringing. I would answer it and a female voice on the other end would say, "We need you now! We have a man waiting for you outside of your house to bring you. Hurry!"

I would look outside and a man would be sitting on a motorcycle with a helmet in his hand, "C'mon. We got to go." I run to him, take the helmet, and hop on. We would zoom down to the road to a small, run down, little building. I get a little worried that I shouldn't have come when a few big, rough men come out of the building. They would look like they hadn't had anything to eat in a long while and their clothes would be  ripped.

We would pull up to the step and hop off. I would take my helmet off  and the biggest of the three men would step towards me. He will bend down onto his knee and smile at me. The he will shakes my hand and say, "Welcome. I see the King has picked the new recruit." He stands up and leads me inside. It would be full of men and women and children. All looking very happy as they worked. Some carrying baskets and some cleaning with mops and brooms.

 I will be led past them, through a door, and into a small room. A man will sit at a desk in front of me. He will say, "Good, you came. Welcome. We need your help. There is a man who we need to capture. He is very evil and very good at his job. He wants to control the world and if he gets his way he will-, Oh look at me blabbering on about business and I haven't even asked you if you would like to sit down and have a drink." I will smile and sit down but refuse a drink. The man will lean forward and say, "Now back to what I was saying. If he gets what he wants our world will crash and everyone's mind will be warped. Everyone will serve him. "Nobody will serve our Father anymore." I will gasp and cover my mouth, then ask, "What can I do? Why am I here? I'm only 14!" The man will stand up and walk over to me, "You had a vision right? You were given a special power and God spoke to you?" I will nod and say, "Yes. But I thought God only did that in the Bible times?" "Yes, He did it then, but He is doing it now too. And you are going to be a big help with our fight against evil." He will smile then ask, "What power were you given?" "I can see through walls." The man will smile then say, "Man, my Dad sure is creative!" "Your DAD! Your Dad gave me this power? But I thought God did?" The man will nod, "He did." My mouth will drop open, "Uhhhhh, then you're?" He will nod, "Yup! My name is Jesus." I will probably pass out or throw up or probably pass out. Yeah! Pass out!

I think it will take too long (or I am too tired of typing :)) to go into more detail on what would happen next, but I do know that I would use my power to help Jesus and His "crew" to rescue the world. Everything would work out and maybe, just maybe, some day God would need me to use my talent for another job.

~ Alyssa


redheadmom8 said...

Very creative! What a godly young lady.

Trish Corlew said...

What a great article you wrote! I am so glad you found the middle and high school linkup! We are excited to have you join us and I'm looking forward to reading your articles! If your mom wants to co-host, ask her to contact me at Blessings and welcome!

Kayla Arrowood said...

So wonderful!

annette @ A Net In Time said...

imaginative. :)

Michele said...

Great job, Alyssa!

Alyssa Nicole said...

Thanks! I had a lot of fun! :)

Tara Mitchell said...

Very nice!

Jennifer Lambert said...

aw, I'd love a part 2. - and I love the motorcycle part. I think God does speak to us still, not just in Bible times. We just need to listen harder over all the noise, but perhaps he doesn't give mutant powers. Who knows?


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