Sunday, December 8, 2013

Ruler Word Ornaments

~ Paint
~ Paint Brush
~ Ruler
~ Scrabble Tiles
~ Hot Glue Gun/Glue
~ Bows
~ Ribbon/Twine

This has been my favorite ornament. So far, at least.

We started with a little competition to see who could come up with the best Christmas word containing the most Scrabble "points". Alyssa won with her word "Joy". Carter's word was Noel. Taylor's was Baby. Morgan went with Peace. Brian used Christ and I used Love.

First, I had Carter cut our rulers in half.

Then we painted our rulers red. 

Once they were nice and dry, we hot glued our letter tiles to the ruler.

There is really no rhyme or reason to this. The kids and I glued them to the number side of the ruler. Brian glued his to the back. Carter had his letters turned a bit. I had mine straight down the middle. Just have fun. Be creative.

I already had bows made out of ribbon. I used this technique.

Then we glued the ribbons to the top. We had the top that was cut facing up because it was jagged. The bows covered that up nicely.

Last, we glued twine/ribbon on the back to hang.

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