Friday, December 6, 2013

Paper Tree Ornaments

~ Cardstock
~ Decorations (Stickers, glitter, twine, ribbon, washi tape, etc.)
~ Hole Punch
~ Glue

We had fun pulling out all our decorations for these Christmas Trees!

The first thing you want to do is to cut large circles out of cardstock. I used a plate to trace the circle.

Cut each circle in half.

Once you have your half circles lay them like this..

Fold (either) corner over. It should overlap not be flush with the edge.

When you fold this piece up, it should be flush with the edge. (The picture is a little deceiving)

Turn the whole thing over and fold the long end flush making a triangle.

Flip over. Ta-Da! A Christmas Tree.

Don't forget to add a trunk to your tree!

And the hole to hang it.

Carter got bored. He is not much of an ornament maker. I have a few coming up that I think he is going to enjoy. :)

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