Friday, November 15, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ November 15th

The Pebble Pond

 1. Did you notice my url? After a whole lot of effort I finally got it change to my own domain name! When I started my blog it was Memories By Miranda. Then I changed it to The Pebble Pond. Then I wanted to drop the and be all professional, ya know. Blogger decided that even though I bought the domain name back in March, it wasn't mine. I seriously was on the phone for hours. They would direct me to one place. That place would direct me back to the first place. I finally realized I was going to have to fix it myself. And I did. I was so stinkin happy! I may or may not have jumped on my bed to wake up my poor husband to tell him all about it.

2. The kids and I are so excited about the new blog series we are going to do. 12 Days of Homemade Ornaments! They are already gathering supplies and giving me a lot of ideas. I have had a special friend ask me if I post a supply list ahead of time so she can be ready. Be looking for that over the next few weeks. The series will start December 1st. It's going to be fun!

3. My wonderful Alyssa turns 14 on Monday. I am going to attempt to make a really cool cake. Rebecca over at Renaissance always make the coolest cakes for her family on their birthdays and I decided I wanted to give it a try. I am not nearly as talented as her but hey it will give me something to blog about, right?!

4. I posted my last TOS review this week. I am very nervously waiting to see if I get picked to come back next year. We should know by the 22nd. Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. I don't like to wait. Especially when it something I want really, really, really badly. I LOVE TOS! The people, the products..all of it.

5. Taylor FINALLY got a car seat that fits her! We have been going round and round with her insurance company for over a year. First we got one that did not fit and the company was a pain in my rear. Then the insurance needed more documents then I could count. We hit one road block after another. It was a crazy, crazy mess but it is here and installed. She is a happy girl!
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Rebecca said...

1) I am a dweeb (ha! Haven't heard THAT word in a while!) when it comes to computer things- so that is BIG news. And I can only imagine how much of a headache it was! Congratulations!

2) I noticed your banner when I came yesterday and thought-ohhh that sounds fun! I saw the CUTEST ornament on Pinterest that uses those battery operated tealights to make snowmen. (ADORABLE.) I hope to make some soon. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

3) ha! Well THAT was very generous of you to say. Apparently, you never saw the dead princess one? The year our oven was broken and I had to use rice krispie treats. It was scary. Bad, bad, bad. :-) What are you thinking about doing? (Or is it a surprise? Does Alyssa read your blog?)

4) I hope you get it too. I hope I get it too. I hope we get it together! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

5) That is so exciting for her! I didn't comment on the actual post yesterday but I have to say, I loved your post on Taylor's Story. It was beautiful and sweet. I loved how joyful you were through it all- a real encouragement for those who may be dealing with issues like that- helpful for them to know that YES. She is a GIFT. I also loved seeing the pictures (you know me) and I have to say she was just the sweetest little baby. The girl ALWAYS smiles! Thanks for sharing that.


Brittney said...

The 22nd seems like a long wait, doesn't it!? I'm looking forward to your ornament series!

Lisa M said...

I am going crazy waiting until the 22nd!


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