Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Dog, A Birthday, A Tree...Oh my!

We had an eventful weekend. Busy, busy from Saturday morning until late Sunday night.

It all started when the kids found a stray dog. He was running around in the field across the street. I told them to just let him go. "He was probably headed home."

He ended up coming up to the house. The kids chained him up so he didn't get hit by a car. I called the pound. They don't have dog wardens on the weekends. So here he sits. Or barks. Or wags his tail and gives you that Iwillloveyouforeverandeverificancallthishome kind of looks.

No one has claimed him yet. The dog pound said they have had no calls. No one knows where he belongs. We have said NO DOGS until we buy our own home. Except Bobo the wonder dog, of course.

Last night, he got unhooked. Brian and I heard him barking waaaayyy out in the field. So we figured he was now "headed home". This morning he was back in the dog box. 

I found these pictures on my camera.

Oh no...not one child is getting attached.

On Saturday night, Carter shot a buck! His very first shot, his very first deer. They tracked him a bit but it was dark. They were pretty sure that he "gut shot" him by the blood trail. Or lack there of. (Sorry if TMI!) If a deer is gut shot you want to wait hours before trailing him.

So they were going to wait until morning and daylight. It rained ALL night long. So much for any blood trail that may have been there.

I went out with them to look. I like that kind of thing. It was my sons first deer, ya know.

We walked for 2 hours. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

The boys were getting discouraged so I mentioned that we pray. "God cares about ALL things", I reminded them. So we did. Less than 20 minutes later we ran right into him. :)

After that was all said and done, we set up the Christmas tree. I have been so anxious for weeks.

We had our traditional trail and cheese snack.

I LOVE having a real tree but this year it was just not in the budget. I could have made it fit but I am that save, save, save mode right now. So I just could not justify it. I mean to think that NEXT Christmas we could have our own house to set up a real tree in! That was enough incentive!

We got the tree all up and lopsided. Yes, its a lopsided tree this year. Not naming any names...but a few little ones mixed up the sizes.

"It's okay. I looks more real that way." Do you think they believed me?

By this time, everyone was hungry again so next up....

Alyssa's Birthday dinner and of course, presents and cake!

She choose enchaladas.

This was the first year I have attempted to do a real cake by myself. I was pretty happy with the results.
Lesson learned....Next time, don't put the not intended for cake bow on top the day before. It turns the icing underneath the color of the bow. Oops!

Ms. Alyssa is on a pink and black kick right now. If you couldn't tell. She received a journal from Carter, a mirror from Taylor, a book light from Morgan and a pink pillow, nail polish, brush and makeup bag from Brian and I. She was happy.

After all that fun was over we went back to decorating our beautiful tree.

It was a good...no, a GREAT weekend!
(Now to figure out what to do with this dog now named, Buddy)

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