Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ October 18th

The Pebble Pond

1. We had a wonderful week! Full of fun and family. Sunday we had a cookout at my grandparents house. My uncle was home from Vegas. We even played host one last night and had them all out for dinner. It was a great time. 

2. School was a bit of a miss this week. Monday and Tuesday went perfect. Wednesday...not so much. Thursday? Don't even get me started. Today? Well, we shall see.

3. Ohio is completely, wonderfully perfect in the Fall.

4. I have this teeny tiny little sore on the side of my tongue and it is driving me batty!

5. I have fallen in love with hoodies and sweatpants. That is just wrong on so many levels. Would it be okay to wear to bed? Of course! Would it be okay to wear every once in awhile? Yes, definitely. It is NOT okay to wear I keep reminding myself of this. Guess what I am wearing right now? ;)
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Lisa M said...

Love this link up - it's the only one I seem to be able to do once a week!

Beth Starr said...

If you had a wonderful week even though school was hit or miss I would consider it a success!


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