Friday, August 23, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ August 23th

The Pebble Pond

1. We started school on Monday! By day 3, I threw out my main curriculum that I LOVE but I realized it is just not going to work for us. It was actually VERY freeing and I'm really excited about the changes.

2. Alyssa has strep throat. Yuck.

3. My kitchen is a complete disaster. I would take a picture and show you but #1 I am too lazy and #2 You might think I am a slob.

4. I am kind of glad flip flop season is about over because I miss my boots. Which reminds me, I could really use a new pair this year.

5. I started Taylor on an at-home speech therapy program. I found it online, asked them if I could exchange the program for an honest review and they said YES! How cool is that? She is doing really well and I am loving the fact that I can work with her. Total win all the way around.

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Nicole T said...

Do tell about the online speech program! My little guy has always had speech therapy (when he was in public school) but there isn't much available where we live now. He has a stutter. I would love to know what options might be out there!

Mrsteeh said...

I can't wait for the speech program review an details. We just finished a speech therapy cluster and were told to work at home for the next 6 months. Yet the few print outs are leaving me a bit flustered.

Cristi said...

I have to admit that I'm a bit jealous that your weather is already cool enough to be thinking about boots. I'll be in flip flops for at least another few months.

A Learning Journey said...

I wear flip flops in the winter even when it gets cold. I am not ready to give them up yet, but I know the day is coming. That's awesome news about the speech program! It's definitely a win win. What curriculum did you toss aside and what did you decide to go with? I love hearing about curriculum! Have a blessed week. I am posting extremely late due to major computer issues I hope to resolve soon. Here's my link if you have a few moments or are interested in reading about how the last two weeks have been for us. I couldn't post last week either. Bummed!


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