Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hot Pepper Mustard

36-40 Hot Peppers
4 1/2 cups Sugar
4 cups Yellow Mustard
1qt Apple Cider Vinegar
1Tbs. Table Salt
1 1/2 cups White Flour
1 cup Water

Yields 7 pint jars

~ Remove stem and cut off blossom ends.
~ Using a blender or food processor, puree peppers.
~ In a large pot, add pureed peppers, sugar, mustard, vinager and salt. Simmer on low.
~ In a small bowl, make a paste with water and flour.
~ Add flour paste to simmering mustard.
~ Let simmer for about 15 minutes.
~ Pour into hot jars. Leaving 1/2" headspace. Hot water bath 15 minutes for pint jars.

I always use hot banana peppers. I love the taste. Sometimes, I will throw in a jalapeno or two for added heat. If I am feeling really adventurous, I like habanaros or even red peppers for added color in the end. Make sure to ALWAYS wear gloves when you cut hot peppers. I learned that the hard way.

A lot of people deseed their peppers. Not me. I ALWAYS keep the seeds in the peppers. I don't mind them and its more work if I have to take them out. I'm all about shortcuts. :)

Be careful to only let mustard get to a simmer. It will burn fast. Don't ask how I know.

The USDA standard says using flour as a thickening agent for canning is considered unsafe. They recommend using Clear-jel. I have been making this for years. I always use flour and have never had any problems but you may want to stick with Clear-jel just to be safe. The taste will still be the same.

I promise a cheeseburger will never be the same! Enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

YUM--we have always called this Jalapeno mustard-- lol--- have been making this for a looooong time too-- always used flour-- not only good on hamb, but on pork chops, chicken, lunchmeat sand,use in deviled eggs, potatoe salad ANYTHING basically-- and yes I leave all the seeds in from the hot peppers too- you just learn how much to put on your food if you do not like real hot things-- never eat plain old mustard on anything anymore

Rebecca said...

Would you believe I was just looking at mustard recipes LAST NIGHT?!?! YEs, I was. I totally was. This one is even better because it uses peppers from the garden and cans up in a larger quantity meaning- more jars for the same amount of work!

Definitely going to try this! Thanks!


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