Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homemade Dryer Sheets

When we moved to the country 8 years ago I completely, head over heels, fell in love with country life. Over the years, I have slowly taught myself how to be more "simple". The whole idea of it just makes me giddy! Right now, we are in the dream (and saving!) process of buying our "Huppstead" and a few other little or not so little surprises that may be in our future.

In my attempt to save EVERY penny, I have really enjoyed learning how to do things myself. Which is the whole point behind Huppstead, right?! Homesteading! Living off the land. Being simple! Well I figured if I was going to spend so much time searching out ways to save money and being more "simple", I might as well share what I do. Whether it is a bust or turns out to be awesome!

Being the frugal, simple, weirdo that I am...I kind of fell in love with this idea of making my own dryer sheets. Laundry is something that happens EVERY day around here. I have already made my own laundry detergent for awhile now so dryer sheets should be next on the list, right?

I was actually really surprised how easy and effective this was!

First find any rags or old washcloths. I actually went with a few old pieces of clothes that were in my rag pile. You will also need fabric softener and a bowl. I had Downy on hand but that was bought BEFORE our no spending policy was set in order or I would have had bought the generic brand.

Cut your cloth into smaller pieces. As you can tell I was not real technical with this. 

Next, pour the fabric softener over your pieces of cloth. It doesn't have to be soaked! Just enough that once you mix it around all the pieces will be wet.

Mix it up!

Then you want to let them dry thoroughly.

I put them in two piles once they were dry. Then rolled them up and put them in mason jars. Yes, I use mason jars for everything. Its just cooler that way.

Slap a lid on it and when you do your next load of laundry throw one piece in the dryer with your clothes. When I dry towels I use two pieces. I like my towels to be soft and smell really good. It just makes me happy.

Each piece will last about 12 loads.

That's it! Can you believe how easy!? And cheap. I can hear my pennies piling up as I type. Haha!

DIY Dryer Sheets! They really work and SAVE money! #homesteading, #livingsimply, #DIY

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Rebecca said...


I hang my laundry three seasons out of the year (forget pennies- THAT saves DOLLARS!), but I will absolutely remember this trick for winter!

Wanna know something funny? When I was first married I loved soft towels that smelled good- that is how I was raised. Matt HATED them. He liked the stiff, line-dried, cardboard towel that you had to practically crack to fold. I can't believe I am saying this- but I have totally coverted to line dried towels. I don't know why- I guess because they seem to actually DRY you instead of spreading the wetness around? Who knows. Crazy, that's what it is!

Miranda said...

Truthfully, I know what you mean. They do actually DRY you. I'm kind of in the middle because I like them soft but not super soft and I do like them to smell good. I am that way with washcloths too. I can not stand for them to be soft or I feel like I am not clean. said...

WOW! What a wonderful idea!

themessyspoon said...

Oh, I'm pinning this to try in the future! This is a great idea - thank you for the tutorial :)


Black Fox Homestead said...

What a really cool idea! I'm pinning this one. Thanks for sharing this at the HomeAcre Hop! We hope you'll come back tomorrow morning:

Clarissa said...

since i use distilled vinegar as my fabric softener, i wonder if vinegar would work for this! i might try it! thanks for the inspiration! :)

Jennifer Brock said...

Hi Miranda -

Are you still making the home made drier sheets? How did the Downy work? I found that Downy used in the wash made my clothes, sheets, towels feel slippery. Also, how many "sheets" were you able to make? Just trying to figure out if it is really worth it.

Thanks, Jennifer

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