Saturday, August 31, 2013

{Beauty Captured ~ 31/365}

A special someone picked me flowers this morning!

We made it ONE month in our quest to find beauty in the everyday! Only 11 more to go. :) 

I just wanted to thank you ladies for sticking with me all month. I have loved looking at your beauty moments. I feel surrounded by beauty. Even if I have had a rough day, I know I can count on you to show me beauty. It means a lot! 

I also want to thank those that put up with me popping up on their news feed EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Sometimes multiple times. Thanks for allowing me to share my beauty and still follow along with me. 

I'm excited to see what beauty September brings.

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Wendy Ross said...

:) <3 (I took a photo of my special someone showing my youngest how to hold a football, but he won't allow me to post it online. ;) )

Charlotte said...

1 month!! I am loving doing this project with you ladies. :-)

And those are the best kind of flowers....

Kym T said...

Today I featured a picture of flowers picked and arranged for me by a special someone, but it was my daughter instead of my husband! ;-) Still precious!

Tara Mitchell said...

Sweet picture! Thank you so much for hosting this photo meme. I am thoroughly enjoying it, and look forward to posting my pics each evening.


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