Thursday, July 4, 2013

The 4th of July

I love this holiday. The weather is perfect. Summer is in full swing. Lots of watermelon eating and kickball games. Lightning bugs. Late night fires. You know, all the good stuff.

Even more important...We are a free nation. We are free to serve God and I am so thankful for our men and women who have made that possible.

This was our second year attending the picnic at church for their 4th of July get together. Last year, we were new to the church so the kids were a little reserved at first. They have looked forward to this day all year. The day did not disappoint. Them or me. The fellowship, the food, the games and the sermon were just what I needed.

I have had such a rough week. I felt like at every single turn life was just trying to knock me down. Today was refreshing. It was actually more than refreshing. For a moment it was like I was stepped back and just watched the kids, Brian, life and realized how wonderful I have it. How loved I am and how perfect my little family is.

I was reading in James this morning about how our trials produce patience. The last time I asked for patience God blessed me with twins. He has a sense of humor like that. Seriously, I think that God has allowed certain circumstances to come into my life to show me that I can not lean on anyone or anything on this Earth. He is the only one that will fulfill and sustain. So as hard as it is, trials can be embraced as long as I am leaning on Him and not on myself or anyone else.

So back to the picnic. We were late. If you know me you know that is very typical. We are always late even with the best laid out plans. I used to freak out about it but I am getting better. At being on time and relaxing even if we aren't.

That is why I was able to snag a picture before we left. Or maybe that is why were late. Either way, I got a couple good ones. Here is one of my favorites. Now we should have been decked out in red, white and blue but you can't have it all now can you. :)


Jodi Krizer Graber said...

It has been a great 4th of July as I enjoyed reading your post. Looks like you have a beautiful, lovely family. Don't stress about being late. Do what you can. Take each moment as it comes. I look forward to following your blog. :)

Jenny said...

Hi Miranda. Thank you so much for the reminder to trust God and surrender the control that we all seem to feel we need. Great post!

Holly Higbee-Jansen said...

Hi Miranda from the Ultimate Blog Challenge:
Nice pictures and great post. I share your passion for photography, that is what my blog and life is about.
Happy 4th of July.

Diane Sue said...

I love your photos and you thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Amrhein ( HistorySleuth) said...

Oh my, that photo just made me laugh. So cute! Thank you for sharing it. You ave a lovely family. :)

History Sleuth's Writings UBC

Sarah said...

I LOVE that picture!!! And I got your email (squee!) but haven't gotten around to responding quite yet. :) made my day, though.

tesha said...

Love the picture! hoping next week is better for you:) Happy 4th!


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