Friday, July 12, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ July 12th

Good Morning! I hope today greets you will blessings and joy. :)

Are we ready for another Random 5? I think it is funny that I never run out of stuff to say. I think the Random fits me pretty well.

1. If you saw my post the other day you know that my garden went from looking great to horrible in about 30 seconds. Well I am happy to report that I only lost one tomato plant! My onions and carrots are kind of still sad looking but they will be fine in a few days, I'm sure. I had to go through and stake or re-stake everything which took me ALL day but it felt good to be outside yesterday and my garden is back to looking fabulous!

2. I've already made $7.57 with my ads in the sidebar. I've only had it up for 3 days. That's awesome! I figured it would be up for awhile and I would sllllooooowwwllly see a few cents add up. If that keeps up that will be a nice little extra chuck at the end of each month. Maybe someone really wants to know my secret! ;)

3.We had a few sickies this week. That is a first around here. Fever of 102 in the middle of July. Weird. Everyone is better and back to their loud sweet self.

4. I have a couple photo shoots I need to do like ASAP. One baby bump (not me!) that is growing by the minute and my own that need birthday pictures before they hit their NEXT birthday.

5. I'm working on school plans. this time of year. Getting all the plans laid out and organized makes me giddy.

 ( got cold out there! If I am not mistaken the last time I checked it was JULY!)

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amyyoungmiller said...

What fun! I'm glad I found your blog. I LOVE your photos (I'd like to know what camera you are using!) and your breezy spirit. What happened to wreak such havok in your garden, though, I'm wondering?

Lori Rising said...

Fun! And such a simple way to stay in touch. The photos are wonderful!

Miranda Hupp said...

Thanks! I have a Canon Rebel T3i.

We had a yucky storm hit us pretty hard the other day. I tried to link to my other post but for some reason it just highlighted and won't underline it so you can't tell it is a link. The joys of technology. :)

GrowingUpMadison said...

Great photos. I want to be where it's cold. It's super hot where I'm at. I don't mind switching locations. :)

martianne stanger said...

Gorgeous photos! You obviously have an eye and talent. Curious - what kind of camera do you use?

Emilee Roberts said...

I'm glad to hear you only lost one plant. We lost all of ours in one day. Between my horrible gardening skills, the blazing sun and horrible winds of Central Texas I can't manage to grow anything here! Your garden looks beautiful!

Tess said...

I really need to get going on organizing my stuff for school. I need to put away the old Sonlight core books and get the next batch up on the shelf. I need to decide *what* we're studying and using. *sigh* Lovely photos!

Tracey M. said...

I still have a few curriculum items to purchase and several subjects to finalize. It's been tough with everything going on here. Jeff had surgery and we are still living in boxes EVERYWHERE. It is a mess. I so wish I had a housekeeper right now. I am glad that you only lost one tomato plant. Mmmm . . . i LOVE fresh tomatoes! Stop by if you get a chance Have a wonderful week! Good luck with planning!

Marcy @ Ben and Me said...

Figuring out the sweet spot for ads is crazy, huh? I'm doing really well with Amazon and I love that I can convert the payment to Amazon gift cards and use them to buy books. Isn't that cool. Sell books to buy books. Nothing better.

As always, I love your photos. You're gonna write a series on photography soon, right? ;)

Kathy Balman said...

I am working on beefing up my ad stuff too....I need to start making some money. Love your photos.


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