Saturday, July 6, 2013


I love me some Instagram. How about you?

There is really nothing more convenient than pulling out my phone and snapping some quick pictures. I tend to take pictures of anything and everything with this convenience. Just ask my kids. Or my husband. Or well anyone that knows me very well at all. :)

From top left we have....
Me and my sweet Morgan. We went on a little shopping trip. Just the two of us.
Alyssa was as happy as could be when we found her kitten after it was missing all day.
The next two, Indians game!
I talked Brian into jogging with me.
Carter built a hobbit house. He wanted to make a round door but it turns out it was not very easy.
Last..cheesing with my handsome husband.


Miriam Slozberg said...

I also love Instagram too for the same reasons and looks like you guys have been having a great time. Cut kitties as well.

Laura Saueracker said...

Love the photos, I feel the love coming right off the page.

Jennifer said...

Sweet pictures. :)

I need an instagram tutorial.


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