Monday, July 8, 2013

Garden and Affiliates

My garden is taking off. The weeds too. If I could just have ONE day with nothing to do, I just might be able to get out there and get them pulled! I do not see that day coming any time soon so I guess I should give up the hopeful thinking and MAKE time.

Beets, beets and more beets!

This is the first time I have ever grown beets. Brian uses them in his homemade V8 kind of juice. So I figured I might as well grow our own. THEY ARE A PAIN. Seriously, weeding them just pulls up the beets. You can plant them pretty close so all kinds of weeds like to work there way in there. Good thing I love him so much or I would have pulled them out. Haha..

But I am glad that I kept them around. They are so beautiful and growing really well!

I have just about everything I need ready for my first batch of homemade salsa! Triple yum! I have never been able to use everything of my own. So yeah, I am kind of excited about that. 

Cucumbers are taking off. I can already taste homemade pickles. The kids check all the time to see if cucumbers are growing. We ate our last jar (from last year) a few weeks go so we are going through a bit of withdraw. The store bought stuff has nothing on homemade. Doesn't that happen every time!?

My beans kind of took off out of nowhere. One day they were teeny tiny and the next day they were all up on the tomatoes! So Morgan decided to put a stake in the ground for me. Good girl.

You might have noticed I added a few links in my sidebar. I have gone back and forth over this. I wanted to add a few affiliates and maybe just maybe make a few dollars on this here blog. I have gone to some blogs that are so overpowered with ads that it makes it mighty impersonal. I hope my blog does not have that feel. Please tell me if it does!

I am not out to make a fortune by any means but I would love it if you would support me. You see...I have a little secret and am saving as much money as I can so that HOPEFULLY some day I can reveal that secret! Nothing like keeping you hanging right!?

So are you new to ads and affiliates? Curious how you can support me? Well let me tell you. :) All you have to do is use the Google search in the side bar. You can search anything and every time you use it, I get a teeny tiny little bit. You can also click on the ads in the side bar. You don't even have to buy anything. Just click around on the ads. :) Need something from Amazon? You can use my link. Its really that easy. You do not have to do anything special just follow the link and order just like you would if you went straight to Amazon.

One last thing...I am also looking into affiliate programs. I will ONLY be an affiliate to products that we USE and LOVE. So you do not have to feel like I am just posting things to get a few bucks. If we love it, I may link to it through Amazon or the company. 

If you just want to hang out and ads and affiliates are not your thing, that is cool too. We can still be friends. :)


Rainbow Hues said...

The garden looks lovely and the pictures make all the veggies look so desirable.

The blog looks great and of course the side bar does not look impersonal. Hope you make lotsa money from the blog. Good luck!

chickbunhomeschool said...

I miss my garden this year! With moving we haven't been able to plant one!

Rebecca Newman said...

Great garden Miranda! It looks awesome!

I have thought about ads before too- sigh. Why can't it just rain down money, hmmm? I have something I want to save for too. Since you often say we are very similar, I can't help but wonder if it is for the same long must I wait to find out?!?

amyyoungmiller said...

Miranda, I'm toying with affiliate-ship, also, and I appreciate the gentle and non-obtrusive way you've introduced it into your blog. Way to go, girlie. Can't wait to hear your secret!


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