Monday, June 24, 2013

A Sunday to Remember

Brian was given tickets to the Indians game. Not just any old tickets either...these were Club House tickets. Ummm, yeah. Fun was an understatement! Comfy seats, great view and all the food you could eat.....for free.

The kids had never been to a professional game before. They were all smiles and a bit talkative. I'm not going to lie, I was kind of the same way.

Between each inning they came around and gave away hats, shirts and baseballs. Morgan wasn't shy to try and get their attention! When the kids and I went to get a drink, Brian hollered and they gave Taylor a free hat!

We had so much fun! The kids will be talking about this day for a REALLY long time. On our way home, I heard them saying that this has been the "coolest summer ever"...... Between camping, fishing, gardening, swimming and today, I think I agree. The coolest summer EVER!

After we left the game, we drove through the ghetto to find a spot to get up to Lake Erie. Saying Brian hates driving in big cities is an understatement. Fun, Fun.

We couldn't miss it though because we were so close. When the kids were younger we went to Cleveland quite a bit for Taylors doctors but that has been so long ago that the kids forget what it looked like. Sooooo.....after some bad directions and a few scary neighborhoods we finally found a good spot.

It was a good day. :)


Sarah @ My Joy-Filled Life said...

Your family is absolutely beautiful!!

morgan said...

It looks like it was fun.


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