Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Day in My Life

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day - this could be "a photo an hour" if you'd like) 

I have wanted to do a "Day In The Life Of" post for awhile now. I would love to have the reference to look back on. You know me....Miss Sentimental. I have even started it a few times but I never actually do it because it is supposed to be a "typical" day. Then something would come up. Our day would get all mixed up and it would not be a typical day anymore. Then I realized that is a TYPICAL day!

I have made schedules. I have had great plans. I try. It is just not meant to be. That is not our life. Things come up. Things happen and I have to be ok with it or well, I would go insane.

So here is a day in MY life. Enjoy!

From midnight until the kids rise time which is usually 7am....Taylor wakes up and I get her comfortable. Some nights are rough and she wakes over 10 times. Other nights, only once. I love those nights.

Morning comes way too early when you are a night owl. Especially when you irresponsibly stay up watching the last season of House. Not that I would know or anything.

I get up early. Early, early to get Brian off to work. I make him breakfast and pack his lunch. Pray with him and kick him out the door so I can go back to bed kiss him goodbye.

I wake up to these 4 beautiful faces. I try to get up, read my bible and get moving before they wake up but it just depends on how rough my night was.

Today we all woke up about the same time. We all woke to Taylor saying "Mom, Mom, Mom...Are you awake? Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom....Are you awake"?

Gotta love her! Bed head and all.

Next up...Breakfast. Usually peanut butter toast. Sometimes french toast or oatmeal. Just depends on the day.

Then chores. All the kids have their own daily chores. I throw in laundry and red up the kitchen.

The kids started their schoolwork while I got ready for the day. I try to fit in a quick run or cardio but today I did not have time. We had to leave by 9:30.

It took me a long time to finally come up with a great makeup routine. I finally have it figured out! I finally know what works for me and what doesn't. As you can see, I am a huge Estee Lauder fan. I used to feel bad spending so much on makeup but then I realized the money I spent trying all the cheap stuff, came out to be more than just using what works. Smart, huh?

All ready to go!

Now I get Taylor ready. Dress, brush hair, teeth, deodorant, shoes/socks. Give meds. 3x's a day for some. 2xs for others.

The others kids get ready and gather their schoolwork to bring with us. They know we have to leave by 9:30 and are ready before me today.

9:40 we walk out the door. Load Taylor's wheelchair and we are off.

Alyssa now gets to sit up front with me and she loves it. I do too. Although she can be known to talk my ear off on occasion, we make great singing buddies.

Off to therapy we go. Right on time.

Alyssa, Carter and Morgan do school work while Taylor gets her stretches done. Then we all watch her walk. Today she does AMAZING. I'm so proud of her.

I have to give a little shout out to Alyssa, Morgan and Carter. They sit patiently. Do their school work. With no complaints. Ever. (Don't get me wrong. They do complain just not about!) They tag along to doctors. To therapy. All of it. I could not ask for better children. They encourage Taylor while she walks. They try to race her. Its a wonderful thing.

Next up, Its time for new braces. Luckily, she can now be fit at the therapy office so we can get it all done in one trip. She says this process is "disgusting and messy".

We run errand while we are in town. We run to Walmart, Lowes and the bank. After errands, we picked up lunch and head for the park.

It was too beautiful to not enjoy it.

2:30 we arrived home. To a mess. We took some time and did a quick cleanup before we finished up school for the day.

School is done together. We use Weaver Curriculum. We are all studying the same subjects but at different levels. Right now, we are learning about stars and the solar system.

I take an hour every day to focus on Taylor alone. We work on her reading and math. 

Carter and I also do reading together.

3:30 - Daddy gets home from work. I get a kiss when he walks in the door.

I make laundry detergent. Clean up my mess. Throw laundry in.

We all head outside to make a scarecrow for our garden.

But first we have to to save a baby bird.

I need to start dinner. I bring it outside while Brian and the kids start the scarecrow.

6:30 - We eat dinner. Clean up the mess. The kids tell Brian all about our day. We laugh.
7:30 - We start night time routine. Showers, brush teeth, etc. Brian heads off to bed and I sneak in to cuddle with him and we talk for a bit before I go in and stretch Taylor.
8:30 - I pray with the kids. Tonight was Morgans snuggle night. (Everyone has one night a week that they get a little extra lovin.) Lights out.

I take some time to read emails, read a few blogs, work on a blog post. I clean up a bit. Do some stretches. Make energy balls for tomorrows snack. Change the laundry. Feed and water Bobo. Look over tomorrows school plans.

I check on the kids. Tuck them in again. Get Taylor comfortable. Remember that I need to charge Taylor's chair. Brush my teeth and go to bed!

Get woke up by Bobo whining and pawing at me. Get up to let him out to the bathroom. He barks and wakes up the whole house. He is scared of the scarecrow and will not go out but is pacing because he has to go! Brian gets up and takes Bobo out on the leash in the pouring rain.

Finally, sleep.

"Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom, Mom....are you awake?"


Amy aka Knitnmom said...

I loved the look into your day! I have never considered doing a post like this, but maybe I will this summer! :)

Rebecca Newman said...

LOVED this post! I popped over after your comment on my blog to see what I had missed and am so glad I did. I am now officially adding you to my feeder as I probably SHOULD have done a looooooooong time ago. Your day is busy and full of good things and hard things (waking up multiple times a night? Without a newborn? And looking that good during the day? sheesh woman. What is your secret?!?!)

I saw lots of bits of me in this post- Matt always kisses me first before anyone else. I make laundry soap. I bring my projects around (even dinner prep) to be around other people, etc. Pretty neat to know I am not the only one.

Rebecca Newman said...

Oh yeah-in response to your comment. I would be glad to exchange addresses with you- but not so I could get a birthday card...because I like writing letters to cool people. That's why. If ya wanna- my email addy is sgrbear724atyahoodotcom. No pressure.

Sarah said...

You are so beautiful! And you get up with your hubby to make him breakfast and pack his lunch? Makes my heart go pitter-pat. :)

Loved reading this. But it made me sleepy. You are a busy lady!


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