Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The middle of August

Can it really be the middle of August already!? We are gearing up for a new school year. I think I mentioned this before but I am so excited! I have so many fun things planned. The kids are begging me to get their school supplies all ready. They love the start of the new school year as much as I do. We'll see how long that lasts. :)

We have had some changes happen recently. The biggest is that Taylor went from being medicine free for over a year to being put on 3 different ones. It was kind of a bummer but we weighed our options and we think it was the best choice for now.

The one medicine requires a lot more out of us as a family. Taylor was really excited about it for the first few days because it helps to relax her muscles. The first day, I walked into her room and she had her hands above her head and was full of giggles. I didn't realize why all the giggles at first but it didn't take me long. With out the meds she can not move her arms so easily. She felt like a new girl!

Moving her legs got easier for her. Which made walking (in the gait trainer) easier. Opening her hands got easier. Doing all those little things that I take for granted are easier.

The down side....shes tired. Her head control is worse. Her speech is harder to understand. She has to learn how to pick up things differently because she learned how to pick things up with tighter hands. She cant feed herself right now and when she tries her eyes cross really bad because she is trying so hard.

So right now, I am working on helping her to do things differently. That's so hard for her. She already had to learn how to do things the hard way. It breaks my heart. She loves the way her muscles ache less but she hates that she feels tired.

We are hoping that as her body gets used to the medicine the sleepiness will wear off. We went through the same thing when she was younger and we opted to keep her off the medicine but the older she gets the more her body is aching, her muscles are getting tighter and her back is arching.

The other kids are so good with Taylor. They understand that we have to be patient and listen more carefully and help her learn things over again. This all starts with me. It is so easy to feel annoyed and frustrated. When my attitude is patient, their attitude is patient. When I am feeling overwhelmed they feel overwhelmed.

I tried to download it on here but it wouldn't work so I just put it on my facebook.

Taylor is having such a great time playing baseball! She is so cute out there. She is full of giggles the whole time and you can tell she is trying to take it all in. 

It is very humbling to watch all the kids playing. The joy on their faces when they make it to 1st base or run into home is just plain awesome!

Brian told me the other day that some guys from work were going to an Indians game. He said that he wouldn't pass up watching Taylors game over an Indians game any day. :) It definitely puts life into perspective.
Taylor made a friend. We are not sure what her disability is but she talks to Taylor a lot. Its amazing how children can see past each others disabilities. I love eaves dropping on their conversations and hearing them cheer each other on.

I have pumpkins.....

and peppers..... 

The kids have some awesome tomato plants growing. Mine is pale in comparison.

Last night, we went outside to let Carter shoot his gun. We did the experiment where you put an egg in vinegar and it becomes like rubber. Well Carter wanted to shoot it. Boys...haha...

I think she noticed something that was hers. ;)


Daddy accidentally squeezed the egg a bit too hard. Oops...the bottom of the egg just like fell out and it made a mess. So Carter never got to shoot the egg but he did practice anyway. Hes got a good shot for only being 10.

So in the midst of these changes, I decided to step down as a Sales Rep for the TOS magazine. I loved every aspect of doing it and I loved all the amazing women I was surrounded by. I would have loved to make it work but I am needed too much by the family God blessed me with. After praying about it and talking with Brian we thought it would be best for me to quit.

Right now, I am a mom, wife, therapist, teacher, nurse, taxi driver, maid, cook, friend, listener, counselor, referee and name a few. I'm ok with that. Actually, I am more than ok with that. The pay can't be beat! :)


cheryl said...

awesome blog, anymore comment from me and I will need a tissue. :)

Norma hooks said...

You have a wonderful family!  Praying Taylor continues to adjust well and all your kids have a wonderful new school year!!


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