Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ahhh....a productive day

Once upon a time there was a little girl who would not let her mom get up early.

Her name was Taylor.

I get up and get Brian out the door for work. At 4:30 AM!

If I stay up, Taylor will know. She hears that I do not get back into my bed. Yes, she hears.

Now if I go back to bed she is fine and will go back to sleep. If not, she will start talking to me around 6ish. As hard as I try she will NOT go back to sleep. I've tried to convince her that she will not miss anything because the WHOLE WORLD is still sleeping but so far it hasn't worked.

When she was younger, she always woke up as soon as my feet hit the floor. Makes it kind of tricky to get up before the kids. ;)

So today I stayed up. Im trying to since school starts for us in a few weeks. I need to get back into that routine.

It's been quite a productive day, if I do say so myself!

 Its only 12:30 and so far we have:
     ~ Made french toast for breakfast

     ~ Took pictures of spider webs

     ~ Planted 2 rows of lettuce
     ~ Planted 3 rows of carrots

Don't let the beautifully tilled ground....done entirely by hand with a hand shovel because our rake and shovel broke over the last few weeks....fool you. Fall is on its way!

I figured since our garden was a bust this year, I would attempt to grow some fall veggies.

I was trying to find an easy way to label what I planted and where. All I could find was a purple permanent marker. Gotta love kids. 

      ~ Clipped chickens wings.

They wouldn't leave my seeds alone. Little stinkers. We have tried to cut them before but they still get out of their enclosure. I read you are supposed to only cut one side. That didn't work so we cut both. We will see.

     ~ 3 loads of laundry
     ~ Cleaned my kitchen
     ~ Made soap

Now is that a productive day or what!?


Dboz4 said...

Hi Miranda! I'll talk quietly since you might be napping right now... I know I would be if I got up as early as you did!  :) I love reading about your family, chickens, and homeschooling... ( and yes, you do have a hunky husband ) :) Lucky you ( and he )!
We are in our two final years of homeschooling and I can hardly believe it is almost over.. Just enjoy life, live, love and learn together each day... and you can't go wrong! It's a beautiful way to raise a family! BLESSINGS!

Debbie said...

 Miranda... I wrote the above comment... I'm Deborah Jeans from Dandelion House...:) Thanks for joining us!

tesha said...

First love the new blog look it is so beautiful! How funny that Taylor has always know when you were up. i always teas that my kids won't let me get up before them but really they will if I would just get up LOL. Hope you fall plans do better that the last:)

MirandaHupp said...

 Thank you, Tesha! I think about you often. I hope you are doing well.

MirandaHupp said...

 Hi Deborah! You have such a beautiful blog. Thanks for your comments. :)


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