Friday, August 3, 2012

A good reason to miss church

Saturday night, we had all our church clothes laid out nice and neat. Shoes lined up ready to adore adorable outfits the next morning. Children were showered and in their beds. Having sweet dreams of Sunday School, I'm sure.

Haha...not really.

It was a stressful night of showers and bedtimes. We finished up reading and kicked lovingly put the kids to bed. After numerous attempts of trying to keep them quiet and actually close their eyes, (since no one was tired) Brian and I finished some last minute things to make Sunday morning run a little smoother.

Last on our list, let Bobo out to the bathroom. Brian went out too.

I was in the laundry room when it all went down.

I started to smell a horrible, despicable, gagging smell and I thought....oh yuck someone hit a skunk.

When I walked to the sun room door. I thought I was going to die of laughter and/or be sick.

They both needed tomato baths. He's not always pleased with my picture taking. Can you tell? ;)

Poor Bobo got it right in the face. He had to sleep on the porch. He still stinks.

We got up on Sunday morning and figured we would do the congregation a favor. You're welcome. As you can tell he still was sporting the skunk smell.
We figured nature wouldn't mind our stench so we went on a hike. Luckily, by the end of the day Brian started to smell much better. That or we just got used to it.

I believe we cleared the path of any blackberries.
Taylor kept trying to hide from everyone. It was so funny. She's an ornery thing.

I love that all the kids will walk around and around and pretend that they do not see her. They are so awesome!


Marcy said...

your family is so precious. 

MirandaHupp said...

Awww..thank you Marcy!


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