Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Garden update, a big project and a pirate invasion

Our horribly pitiful garden is finally taking off....a little.

We do have a huge amount of pumpkins growing. I would say that is due to our amazing gardening skills but the truth is they are growing from pumpkins that got thrown in my flower garden last fall.

So this flowers but an abundance of pumpkins. I couldn't bring myself to pull them up. This fall I will be very happy to have lots to decorate with!
We did however plant watermelons that are doing great. I took this picture 5 days ago and it has tripled in size. I've never grown watermelon so I'm excited to see how good they taste!
Yes, even weeds can be pretty. ;)

Carter got an idea for a nesting box for the chickens and took off with it. He had it built before I even thought about taking pictures. Truthfully, I didn't even really know what he was doing until he was almost done. He walked in the house a few times to grab something but that was it. 
Daddy was pretty impressed when he got home. He got home just time for some finishing touches and to help put it in with the chickens.

 I did some canning this week. I picked up some peaches and tomatoes. Not nearly enough to last very long.

I didn't get any pictures of it but Alyssa was a great helper. We had a system going and it worked great!

We ended up with 7 quarts of peaches and 4 jars of pizza sauce! Yum!

 Our home was invaded by some pirates today. At least, they were cute pirates. Oh and they only got their riches from abandoned ships. ;)


Kasey said...

Our garden has been tormented by our crazy, free-range chickens!  A peek at yours just made me shamefully envious!  And I love the nesting boxes.  My guys built something similar, but I love how yours look!  

Honey said...

We've chickens too! Aren't they both fun and annoying and simply wonderful all rolled into one? ;) I hear you over the garden and volunteers. Our hasn't done too well the past few years. I've got to get the other rain barrels installed as we keep having droughts. err.



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