Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Taylor turns 14

Taylor and I have talked for 2 months now about getting her 14 year old pictures. She gave me some ideas and we brainstormed.
Then as time went by we kind of forgot about it. Oops!
 So yesterday we were up early for physical therapy and out and about anyway so we decided to get her pictures. It turned into an adventurous day with scrapped knees, bugs and trips back home but they are finally done.

Taylor turned 14 on March 18. Actually in 2 days, May 18th, would have been her original due date.

She amazes me everyday. She has this sweetness about her that I cant even explain. She loves babies. She hates to sleep. She thinks she is tough stuff now because she has Facebook. She loves the color red.

She smiles a lot! But she can NOT smile on command. So if you saw me jumping around and wiggling like  a crazy person..don't judge.

I had a wonderful assistant. Alyssa helped make Taylor smile and she held her up when Tay felt nervous about me walking away.
We moved to a few different locations and it was much easier to just drag her. Haha....She laughed the whole time. She thinks mommy is silly.

I love her silliness. The way she teases and she cant help laugh. Usually at inappropriate times. I love that she made me a mom. I love the freckles on her nose and her forehead and her cheeks and her ears. I love the way she tries so hard when she wants something out of reach. I love that she tries anyway even though the last 3 times she dumped her cup all over her lap she still tries to get it herself.
I love the way she looks out for her brother and sisters. I love the way she will just start talking about something we talked about a week ago as if we were just talking about it two seconds ago. Just like a woman.

She makes me a better person. She shows me patience everyday. She waits on things most wouldn't dream of having to wait for. Like eating or getting dressed.

When she smiles her whole face lights up. She forgives everyone. She knows when people stare at her. She smiles at them. She tells me about it later.

She has a temper. She loves to watch movies from when she was little. People with disabilities make her nervous. She loves to help with everything I do. She loves to talk.
She giggles sometimes completely to herself. She remembers everything.
Well almost everything. Not so much when I'm trying to get her to remember her math facts but she will remember the name of a dog she saw one time when she was 3. This comes in handy when I am at the grocery store and I forgot my list. Kind of drives me insane when I said something ONE time like 5 years ago and she reminds me. Silly girl.

That's my Taylor.


tesha said...

Miranda, this post made me cry. She is beautiful and so are you inside and out.

MirandaHupp said...

 Thank you, Tesha. I was so proud of her. She sat up so well and was very cooperative!

tesha said...

I am curious about her story is on your blog somewhere?

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MirandaHupp wrote, in response to tesha:
Thank you, Tesha. I was so proud of her. She sat up so well and was very cooperative! Link to comment

MirandaHupp said...

 Actually, I dont have anything on here about her story in general. Maybe I should do that sometime. If you want to know anything in particular, ask away! She loves talking about herself and her disability so she has no problems with me sharing either. ;)

Loritenhaken said...

Miranda, your Taylor is precious and so are you. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful family with us.

MirandaHupp said...


Kasey said...

Those are wonderful pictures!  She has a sparkle and looks and sounds like such a sweetheart!  And I LOVE your adorable header!!  Great picture!

MirandaHupp said...

Thanks Kasey! I saw your comment and jumped over to your blog. I was looking around and thinking that you looked very familiar. When I read about your life, I saw a comment I left in January. Its a small world, even on the internet! ;)


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