Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Fishing Trip

Last week, we took the day off from housework, school and responsibilities to have a fun family day. Some days its feel like there is so much to do that fun never happens so when Brian says "lets have a family day", I am all for it.

So this day we took the kids fishing. A day at the lake is so refreshing. 

Taylor Lou asked me to take a picture of her hand on this rock. She is a silly girl but I love the way the picture turned out for some reason!

I told Bobo to sit so that I could get a picture of him and Taylor but he wouldn't stop giving her sticks!
Carter was getting so frustrated because the girls were getting fish but he was not even getting a bite. 
So he got bored and made himself a fishing pole.
Brians little catfish! He knows better than to try and out fish me. Fortunately this day I was not fishing. ;)
I think he had his homemade pole in the water for maybe 15 minutes before he got his first fish!
We attempted to a family picture. We took, I believe, around 50 pictures. 
Here are some outtakes....

I am not sure what I am doing. I crack up every time I see it. It looks like I am striking some very weird, awkward pose or breakdancing.
Here Bobo would not listen and Taylor is laughing at daddy because he is getting mad. 
I'm not sure what Alyssa is doing.
Umm...the money maker wouldn't exactly fit into the tiny spot they left for me. Ha Ha!
Besides being blurry, smile for Taylor equaled sticking out her tongue!
I finally narrowed it down to this one.
I wish Carter would have been smiling better and Taylor would actually be looking at the camera but she is smiling! I mean its not like I'm hanging it on the wall. Although it does sum up our family pretty well.
 I'm usually laughing at someone and all the kids are dirty.

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