Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A day at the pond

We are talking about water in school. We have had a lot of discussions from why our bodies need water to what the bible says about water. We have done science experiments including water and are in the process of making a diagram of the water cycle. So next in order would include a field trip to what else but WATER

First we did our nature study complete with drawings of the pond, lily pads and some protective geese.

When we walked down by the pond we were greeted by some geese. It was a good thing Carter carries his gun with him wherever he goes lately. Not to worry his gun is only a stick but it definitely came in handy.

Look how proud this momma looks.
These geese had eggs and babies to protect. I must admit I have never been hissed at by geese!
It was really quiet amazing watching them protect their young. Mr. Goose was making sure that nothing came to close. When he was threatening some other geese I tried to get in close for a picture. he comes!

It was a beautiful day. Perfect actually. We talked about animals that live in and need water to survive, Alyssa worked on a report about man made ponds and we talked about water pollution.

We are going to have to have more school days by the water.


tesha said...

WOW your photos are really beautiful!!!

MirandaHupp said...


RockerMom a.k.a. Jennifer said...

It's funny.. NO ONE believes my story about being hissed at by a goose (also protecting her young). It's nice to have an unbiased source validate my memories. ;)

I am loving your blog. I'm finding many wonderful ones to follow (through the "Most" Posts link-up).


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