Wednesday, April 4, 2012

 Its that time again to review my yearly goals.

~We are going to start keeping track of every penny we spend. Sorta....we have had a few mishaps in this area but nothing like we used to.

~Follow our budget to the T! Pretty much. I did spend a little more on groceries this month. That was due to stocking up on a few things and buying more fruits and veggies.

~Eat out less. Oops.......We kind of failed in this department!

~Freeze meals to warm up on days that I would normally order out. Nope. Although I did make cookie mixes and stored them in Mason jars but I don't that counts. ;)

~Find a church to attend and become a part of ASAP. This was the more important thing on my list. I am beyond happy to announce that we did find a GREAT church. Exactly what we were looking for. YAY!

~Memorize scripture. Nope

 ~Read my bible and have prayer time in the morning before the kids wake up. Not really. Nothing to get too excited about but I have made sure that I am praying to get my day started.

 ~Start Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up character training with the kids. I am looking at it right now sitting very lonely on the bookshelf. 

Being Mrs. Brian Hupp aka Babe 
~I want, want, WANT to get up with Brian in the morning and make him breakfast before he goes to work. I have gotten up every day this month. Oh wait, there was once I didn't because I was being stubborn. He was being a grump the night before so I didn't bother. Real mature, right?! He even still came in and gave me a kiss goodbye.

~Plan a date night (at home because that is just where we are in our life right now and that's ok. At home can be pretty creative...he he) at least once a month. No dates. Its been a crazy month. Alyssa started softball, Brians car broke down, Carter fainted, everyone was sick. Boo-hoo!

~Pray with Brian every night before bed. A few nights....better than last month!

Being Momma 
~Be soft. I have had my moments but overall yes!

~Play more. Not really. 

~Be prepared for school. Yes and No. With the month we have had, school was hit and miss but thats alright we are ahead of schedule anyway.

~Add more field trips to help school come alive for the kids. Didn't happen.

 Self Sufficiency
 ~Have a big garden and plant something new. We are in the process of tilling up our garden and working on our lay out. Ideally this would already be done but with the month we had I'm being patient.

 ~Bake bread from scratch. I am happy to report.....YES! The kids and I have been having a blast baking bread. I've tried out a few different recipes. I have not found one that I love just yet.

~Get meat chickens. We have 2. Hehe....We bought our layers a few weeks ago. Well at Tractor Supply you have to buy a minimum of 6 chickens. We only wanted 4 more layers so 2 are going to be for meat. We are working out the plans for making a hoop house for the meat chickens. As soon as we get Brians car either fixed or buy a new one, the hoop house if first on our list.

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