Monday, April 30, 2012

Its that time again...April Review!

~ Keeping track of every penny we spend. Still going strong!
~Follow our budget to the T! Yes and No....We had a few things that came up that we were not anticipating but all in all not too bad.
~Eat out less. Well considering we had McDonalds for dinner.....Whats that tell you?!
~Freeze meals to warm up on days that I would normally order out. I'm getting better at this. Its been a crazy month. Between trying to finish up school for the year and softball, we are very busy. So when I have froze meals it has been a huge burden lifted for that day.

~Find a church to attend and become a part of ASAP. DONE! 
~Memorize scripture. Nope. One of these days I will answer yes to this question.
~Read my bible and have prayer time in the morning before the kids wake up. Some days but I want to be more consistent in this area.
~Start Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up character training with the kids. I am looking at it right now sitting very lonely on the bookshelf. (Same as last

Being Mrs. Brian Hupp aka Babe 
~I want, want, WANT to get up with Brian in the morning and make him breakfast before he goes to work. It has become a habit to get up every morning. He goes in an hour early and that is just a bit too early for me to stay up so I go back to bed!
~Plan a date night (at home because that is just where we are in our life right now and that's ok. At home can be pretty creative...he he) at least once a month. We've had to be creative but its been a fun month! ;)
~Pray with Brian every night before bed. A few nights.

Being Momma
~Be soft. Still working on it. I want the kids to remember my smile more than they remember my agitated face. I remind myself of this everyday!
~Play more. Yes! I have been throwing the ball with Alyssa, we had a school day at the Wilderness Center and we have had a few dancing and singing sessions.
~Be prepared for school. Yep!
~Add more field trips to help school come alive for the kids. Yes, a few. Next month is going to be full of field trips. I'm not sure who's more excited me or the kids.

Self Sufficiency 
~Have a big garden and plant something new. I'm hoping to get the garden in this weekend. YAY!
~Bake bread from scratch. Not really this month. I did make a few loaves of apple bread though.
~Get meat chickens. We still only have 2. Brian wants to wait till we butcher these 2 first to make sure everyone is going to actually be able to eat them. 

On to other news.....Alyssa had a softball tournament this past weekend. Her team came runner up! The girls played so well. Alyssa is still learning since this is her first year. I'm so proud of her for getting out there knowing that she is still learning. That's hard to do!

She got a little discouraged on their last game in the tournament. She missed a few balls that she knew she should have caught. We game her a little pep talk and reminded her that she is here to have fun. She loosed up after that. I love my girl!

She got her very first trophy!

Carters very first snake of the season. Fun times!

Lilacs! My absolute favorite. I was so excited this afternoon when I saw them blooming! sweet boy. The poor kid is going through so much right now. His MRI has been moved up to May 11th because the doctors found a "mass" in his right leg where he has been having problems. It sure doesn't seem to be stopping him though does it!

Last night, we were watching a movie and it has a war scene in it. They showed a very real looking dead man. The movie was Anne of Green Gables so we are not talking Black Hawk Down or anything!  Anyway, Carter told me he wasn't sure he was going to be able to sleep because it kind of freaked him out. We told him it was only on there for a second, he should be fine. They showed it again and he looked at me and said he was going to be sick. I asked if he was going to be ok and his eyes rolled back into his head and his face went pale! I jumped up and turned the movie off and laid him down. He looked up and me and said....."this is so stupid, mom!"

I couldn't believe it! He fainted AGAIN! That's 2 times this month. It's starting to make him angry. Still scares the dickens out of me! Brian laughed.

All day Carter has been saying that he cant believe it happened again. He even wanted me to test it to see if it would happen again. I think not!

Boys...what am I going to do with him!

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