Friday, March 23, 2012

E is for Early!

Spring has arrived early this year and I am loving every minute of it! Spring is such a wonderful time to feel renewed!

I'm so excited to start my garden this year. I dont usually start seeds until the first week of April but I am thinking of starting them this week. I'm working on my layout and we are thinking of expanding this year because I am adding potatoes!

We have spent time at the park.

Alyssa started softball last week. Her practices were not supposed to start until April but this weather is perfect!

We spent a few hours on the softball field helping Alyssa. She is a quick learner but she has never actually played softball before so she needed some lessons on when not to run, where to throw the ball when, etc. It turned out to be over 80 that day and I was a hot sticky mess!

I sent the kids out to wash the bin for our new chicks. It was hot enough to spray each other. I new when I asked them to wash it for me that it would turn into a water fight.

We got 6 more chicks this year. 4 are layers and 2 are going to be for meat. This is our first time venturing into meat chickens. We will be getting at least 18 more next week.

The kids only play with their chicks. Not the meat chicks. We dont want to get too attached.

We are on Spring break this week. No school! Its been perfect for it too. I started my spring cleaning on Monday. My house is finally starting to come together.

My dryer completely died yesterday. I guess it was not fond of all my cleaning. :o)


Treasures Evermore said...

Wow, sounds like amazing all the photos.


Kym Thorpe said...

What delightful pictures!! Definitely made me smile! (and I especially like the blog title photo - adorable!)

Marcy Crabtree said...

beautiful photos. what kind of camera do you use?


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