Thursday, March 8, 2012

C is for Challenge

A challenge for me.

Its been a rough week. Truthfully I can not even pin point it to one thing.

I have not been feeling good. That probably is why my energy feels non existent.
We have some discipline issues with the kids. That's never fun.
I feel like I am climbing in dirty clothes. How do I always seem to get so behind with laundry!
School has gone wonderful this year but this week has been depressing.

I could go on and on......

My challenge is to remember ME.

That may sound like it goes completely against what being a mother is all about but let me clarify. I want to be ME while I'm being a mother and wife.

I think that sometimes I get into a rut. I feel almost like I am going through the motions. I know many women that are going through a rough time in their life. I have had my own moments. I don't think that going through a season of these feelings I have been having are abnormal.

Thats just it. I feel like my season has turned into a life style. I don't like that. I don't like how that feels.

Life throws curve balls. I had envisioned what life would be like and many of those aspects are non existent. Thats ok. Thats how life works. I want to teach my kids that its ok to have expectations and ideas on their life but I want them to be able to roll with the punches. I want them to trust God more than their own feelings and emotions might lead them to believe.

I want my kids to remember my smile. I want them to remember how I laughed and danced.

I have my yearly goals that I have been working very diligently on but this challenge is different.

This challenge is remembering to be ME!

Me in the beautiful chaos!

Here is a list of things that I am going to do right away to kick off my challenge:
1. Pray. This is obvious but I can do nothing on my own.
2. Smile. You wouldn't really think that would be that difficult but sometimes it is!
3. Be Intentional. Always.
4. Make a Home Management Binder. I had one in the past but I don't know where it is. LOL! I need to keep things in order. Between appointments, school, life and kids...things can get messy. I need to start making list to help me keep things in order. I have some cool ideas in my head for this from ideas Ive seen online and some Ive came up with on my own.
5. Get off the computer. ;) I cant be me stuck behind a computer screen with my back to this wonderful family!

Here I go.......


livingmyportion said...

I've recently found your blog through the ABC Blogging and am truly inspired by you and your beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing your challenge. I find myself resembling your remarks and needed exactly what you had to say, although I'm not sure about the notebook :o)! Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you through your posts.
God Bless!!

Marcy Crabtree said...

Miranda . . . every time I click over to your blog, I smile. Your blog header is just precious.

And so are you.

I appreciate your transparency. Thank you for sharing, not just your heart, but your struggles. You inspire me.


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