Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter Hike

I am a very happy girl. I have NEVER had high speed internet at home. So when I do a blog post, I either download my pictures at the library or do it very sloooooowwlllllly at home. We have looked into getting it but no place offered service out here on the farm. Just kidding about the farm part that's just the dream.

Well my dream has finally came true. About internet not the farm. ;)

Why hasn't anyone told me if I get a cell phone signal I can have the good stuff!? So its true, I can finally download an obscene about of pictures at the wink of an eye. Watch out world!

Yesterday, Brian looked at me and said....Ya know I'm pretty happy about this internet thing. Hmmm...really, I thought. Yes, you will have so much more time on your hands and maybe, just maybe my laundry will get into my drawers. I very seriously informed him that I will make sure to consult Pinterest on that.

We took the kids hiking over the weekend.

We found the perfect spot last year. It has a pretty even path for Taylors chair but LOTS of running and climbing space for the other kids.

Not the best picture in the world but hey, it works!

Daddy and Taylor spent about an hour playing with "boats" aka leaves. They would take turns dropping them into the water and watching where they went.

I forgot to put Tays chair on the charger the night before so it died on us. Oops!! We had to pull her chair out of the woods. It only weighs 200 pounds without her in it. Fun times!

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mom said...

Absolutely Amazing photos. You really should go pro.


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