Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Year Resolution ~ February Review

I'm excited about the things we have accomplished this month! I am even more excited to think about Spring being right around the corner.

Welcome MARCH!

Here is my February review....

~We are going to start keeping track of every penny we spend. Yes, Yes, Yes!!

~Move closer to work. We found a wonderful place but in the end it just didn't work out. We have decided to wait for about a year. Bitter sweet but we think it will work out better that way.

~Follow our budget to the T! Yes we have and we even paid off quite a few old bills we had hanging around. Yay!

~Eat out less. A lot less. Like never. We ate out a few times in the beginning of the month. Towards the end we have not eaten out all. I have been having fun cooking new meals!

~Freeze meals to warm up on days that I would normally order out. Nope. Nada.

~Find a church to attend and become a part of ASAP. Still looking..........

~Memorize scripture. I'm not sure how I am going to do this yet. I might just learn them along with the kids for school. I don't have a specific goal yet. I haven't done too much memorization. I really want to make this a priority.

~Read my bible and have prayer time in the morning before the kids wake up. Unfortunately I have not. Alyssa and I did start a devotional and have done it every night before bed. I am loving this time together.

~Start Polished Cornerstones and Plants Grown Up character training with the kids. I have this all planned out but have not set aside time to actually start it.

Being Mrs. Brian Hupp aka Babe
~I want, want, WANT to get up with Brian in the morning and make him breakfast before he goes to work. We are still trying to work out the details because he gets up at 4:45am, I wake up with Taylor a lot at night and I am a night owl. I have gotten up every single morning this month. I get up make Brian's breakfast, fix his lunch to take to work and help get him out the door on time. Most morning I have gone back to bed. I am working on staying up but Tays been up a lot at night lately.

~Plan a date night (at home because that is just where we are in our life right now and that's ok. At home can be pretty creative...he he) at least once a month. Oh how I would love for it to be more but I am shooting for once right now. We have had a few wing and movie nights but thats about it.

~Pray with Brian every night before bed. Nope. :(

Being Momma
~Be soft. I have found myself becoming kind of harsh at times with the kids. I don't want that to be their memory of me. I have been working real hard on this. I'm not perfect but things have been much better.

~Play more. I seem to have gotten pretty caught up in getting everything done that sometimes I forget to PLAY! YES! We have been laughing, singing, dancing and just yesterday we had a fun balloon photo shoot!

~Plan school sooner than the day before. LOL! I need to be more prepared. I have not been real good at this. Hehe....

~Add more field trips to help school come alive for the kids. Sadly, no. We have a trip to the zoo coming up though!

Self Sufficiency
~Have a big garden and plant something new. I am thinking potatoes! Brian is thinking watermelon. Both sound good to me! I have starting thinking about my garden. I am so excited for Spring!

~Bake bread from scratch. I want to do this more but not yet for all our bread. I just don't have time to do that! I did not bake any bread this month.

~Get meat chickens. Come on Spring.....hurry up!

I'm excited for what March has in store!

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